The other healers & a starter item reveal

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With the holidays in front of us things have slowed down a bit for the production of new artworks such as creatures, healers and in-game assets, which is understandable as everyone deserves a break! We wanted to share with you what we haven't revealed yet and hope you all enjoy and rest up on the holidays and that we then kick things into next gear come 2024!

Copying some of the healer info from our previous reveal post as it relates to these as well:

Healers will be quite cosmetic-focused in our game, this means that they won't differ from each other in terms of stats aside from classes being different from other classes. The things that will set them apart will be items they will be able to equip, salvage, and trade which can alter their stats. Compared to creatures, healers will also gain XP slower, this is on purpose as we want players to level up many creatures alongside their healer when going for max level.

While there won't be any randomness in the healers base stats, there will however be a lot of randomness in their cosmetics. Something known in the crypto space as "Generative Profile Pic collection" but in our case the healers will have a use case as soon as they are minted. You will be able to use them in the game when open alpha is released to test them out! With randomness comes also rarities, there will be certain accessories and assets to the healers that will be rarer than others. Things like haircolor, hairstyle, skintone, facial expressions, eye lense scanners, jewerly, glasses, headwear, clothing and even different backgrounds for the profile. All these different accessories will come with rarities and restrictions, for instance a certain hat can only exist on the Forest healer and not the Ocean one, while another hat can exist on both or all three.

While we haven't decided on a limit of these alpha healers yet and on how many different chains you will be able to mint them, we're ready to show you what their base looks like!

... of the Forest, male.

name of the forest male.jpg

The forest healer will synergize with Grass and Bug creatures, their heals and buffs will be extra effective with creatures of this type and creature moves of this type.

... of the Ocean, female.

name of the ocean female.jpg

The ocean healer will synergize with Water and Ice type creatures, heals and buffs from this healer will also be more effective with creatures and their moves of said type.

... of the Light, male.

name of the lght(male).jpg

The light healer will synergize with Fire and Electric type creatures, their heals and buffs will be more effective on those type creatures and their moves.

As a little holiday present tease, we also wanted to show you the versions of an item that will be included in the starter pack pulls. While it won't serve much use-case in the beginning, it'll be quite an important item for your future items you collect and gather in the Zing world when the game has moved on from just encounters and battles!

Zing backpacks!

There will be different rarities with different space allocations for the healer backpacks and unique designs fitting different healer classes!

For instance;

Forest common backpack & Light uncommon backpack
Ocean rare backpack & Forest epic backpack
Lastly a legendary holo Ocean design backpack!

ocean lengendary.png

We're excited to share more artwork and starter item reveals in 2024! Here are also a few important tweet teasers you may have missed from last week:

~~~ embed:1737859347924111511 twitter metadata:aG9sb3ppbmd8fGh0dHBzOi8vdHdpdHRlci5jb20vaG9sb3ppbmcvc3RhdHVzLzE3Mzc4NTkzNDc5MjQxMTE1MTF8 ~~~

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It seems the lead up to the release for this game is something special. With the ability to get in and support the game early with stake-based reward claims, liquidity pool and the support reciprocated in author rewards between everyone, it IS something different.

Also love how you are leaking content to give people reason after reason to pay attention and join us upon launch...when it REALLY begins to roll.



Exciting developments! The cosmetic-focused approach to healers adds a unique dimension, and the randomness in cosmetics with rarities brings a touch of unpredictability. The concept of Zing backpacks is intriguing—looking forward to exploring the diverse designs and functionalities they'll bring to the game.

Missed saying, as for light, @holozing is the most powerful, because it has a Bright FUTURE 💖👏👏👏👏👏.
(They should go creating the game with sunglasses 🤔).

Hugs friends. Congratulations 🫶

This is impressive! Those backpacks got me really. I love the fact that there is a legendary ocean backpack and I'm sure there will be for the others soon.

Those new healers are great and now I'm so looking forward to giving the game a try. I was wondering, has anyone ever tried playing the game, like an alpha test or something?

We'll be opening a closed alpha as soon as capture logic is implemented, then once creatures and healers are somewhat balanced and the battles flow the way we intend them to and we have all the 3d creatures and healers implemented, we'll open it up to the community to test and filter out bugs.

Okay! Now that sounds like a plan!

I love it and I hope to be part of those to test it and give feedbacks and get those bugs out 🥳.

Kudos to the team working at the backend, they are definitely working 💙.

Absolutely, amazing artwork, it made me think of Naruto Shippuden characters in action.

I really like the animation work, but will there be more animation work on it such wiggling tail and facial expressions?

We have quite limited funding starting out (and are still in debt currently), so while animations will be minimal early on we look forward to evolving them over time!

That's the best strategy bro, you'll sure make this game one of the best crypto games ever made.

Apparently I missed the tweet with the 3D images :o
These teasers are already looking very promising.
Is there actually a roadmap for 2024 somewhere? :)

We will be updating our roadmap and adding some more details for 2024!

Nice! I am already looking forward to the updates! :D

Cooool! I like the look of the Ocean Female, futuristic yet with natural shell accessories 😍

I love the work and love that you are putting into this project, here I am saving my dollars and my zing for when a presale comes out. A Merry Christmas from Colombia
Holozing to the moon.

This is surprising, I love all the new healers, I have no favorites 😉, the design of all the backpacks are excellent, it would be interesting to recreate these backpacks in real life. I would definitely buy them.

Only the fire one is missing.... These healers look great! Congratulations for this beautiful work, it's a great project God bless you ♥

These bags are beautiful with the healer classes with the size variation, are we going to have some skin ideas as in Splinterlands for making them more attractive or any mechanism to polishing by upgradation, I think more diversification will be more interesting.
And the rest of these healers are also wonderful, eye-soothing in appearance. I love them.
Thanks for sharing the update regarding the works and progress, and I wish the team 'Merry Christmas!'

These are really impressive I must confess. I will prefer of the light Male, I think I love that one more.
These are really amazing artwork you have put up there and they are all amazing

Wow, what a cool design, with these three completing the pairs of healers previously shown, and how cool are the respective backpacks.

The information about the characteristics, skills, and limits of the healers gives us an overview of the dynamics we will see, it is very relevant. I'm looking forward to the open alpha release of the game.

Did I miss it but how much will these be 😳

They'll be included in the starter packs, price yet to be determined.

O.O i see then I need to make sure i save enough to roll down for that last backpack

I really enjoy blockchain games. These are interesting and I look forward to it!🤗

The assets look absolutely amazing and I want, no, need a legendary backpack :D

The backpacks turned out very cool. Particularly beautiful Light uncommon backpack.

Omg 🤯 They look great. Congratulations to the artists, they are doing a spectacular job. I can't wait to see the They look great. Congratulations to the artists, they are doing a spectacular job. I can't wait to see the game 😅

Thank yThank you!

😅 🙏

Some awesome backpacks. Really awesome and the healers are really charming.

These are really cool, all of them, but I guess I still have to wait for mine 😎😀

I like all. They are very nice 👍👍👍.

Oh my, they are all so pretty. I love the diversity. I wonder if the other healers are still valid or we start with these and as time goes, graduate to the others.
I love the backpacks. And somehow, it's getting harder to wait for when the game launches!

You are doing a great job. It's end of the year, and we look forward to more of this come 2024. I wish all the teams the best, and happy Xmass/new year in advance.

I don't know why, maybe it's the baggy looking jacket, but the Ocean Female looks younger than the others. They all still look great though. The bag design and differences looks awesome; especially the holo colors. The legendary one looks so hefty. And I'm guessing that the amount you can carry increases with rarity, which is a nice touch.

I didn't realize that the game will already be in 3D once it comes out which is a pleasant surprise. But now I am wondering if my old PC can handle it haha.

Ohhh but how great is this new update, these characters are deluxe, they are beautiful, they are an abra of art. Every time I see something new I get more excited about the game, the project, but also thinking that I have a lot of elements to create and let my imagination run wild.

May the successes continue infinitely

Whoa! some cool designs already!! 👊😎🎅

I need that legendary backpack to put miu miu on when he is tired :) LOL
joking aside,I really like the graphics of the healers and also the backpacks. I can't wait until Holozing will be playable
!discovery 25

Amazing artworks team HoloZing and I am really impressed with every single images shared above - from those bag packs to those healers. I think once the starter pack releases I will jump right into and try my luck to get my hands upon that God looking Life healer. Looking forward to more sneak peaks like this and merry Christmas to the whole Holozing team!!

Hmmm, it's getting more and more interesting. Nice to see more news on the eve of Christmas 🤩

The art is fantastic, and I'm liking the idea of the game.
PS: I hadn't seen the tweets about the 3D model 🤩.
Awesome guys ! I can't wait to start playing 😍

This batch of healers looks as impressive as the first batch and the bag designs also looks great which gets me to think that the icons on each of those was the icon for each element.

This is a great move. I believe 2024 is going to fine fine for the Holozing. The creatures art work are magnificent. Slowly all will be achieved for the Zing family.

beautiful artwork and im sure this will be an amazing game. In the meantime whilst i wait for the release of this game i am trying to purchase as much zing token as i can

Wow this is really a huge step. The legendary backpack is something everyone will want to eat their hands on and I love that fact.

The healers are really cute. I love the art.

I liked the bags very much, they are wonderfully designed. Holozing game will really be better than I expected. I'm waiting for the game to start as soon as possible.

As an IT student I really like art work because it is totally related to graphic design and very good initiative to test abilities of skilled graphic designers.I would like to say I will try take part in it because it almost about animation.

Take my money now.

You designed many attractive characters.👍 I'm fascinated by their designs.😱

Wow I really love all this is so nice and amazing to see them.

I might want to pick the light uncommon backpack, it is super attractive

I like the light guy

ahah, how beautiful, I want a backpack 😅😅😆😆

this is getting exciting! especially the bsc bridge.

this is so cool! i think this will be the first 3d game in hive.

the art work is amazing! the light male is pretty cool.

when will the game be released? very excited to play the game.

I'm so fascinated with Light healer, so handsome ☺

keep the good work up

wow . i love the light backpack

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