Happy new year to the Holozing community...

It's the start of a new year and I did well to set some goals for myself before the past year came to an end and part of the goals I set for myself, I had plans of adding some zing to liquidity. Like I said before, I don't really understand how it works but then today I gave myself to learn how it is done and I found out it wasn't so hard after all.


So for the sake of others who want to add some Zing to liquidity and don't know how to, I've decided to share a step by step process on how to do so. I know I've come across a post where the importance of adding Zing to liquidity is beneficial to the game but then since I didn't had any plans of adding Zing to liquidity, I didn't pay attention to it. Now I'm wishing I did.

Well, I guess that's on me, so let's forget about me and focus on how to get our Zing into liquidity...


First thing you have to do is make sure you have some swaphive, if you don't then you have to get some swaphive first before proceeding further. So for you to get swaphive, you need some liquid hive. Once you have some liquid hive, you have to go to Beeswap using keychain browser and click on convert.


After clicking on convert you will see where you will be asked to select what you are converting from to. All you have to do is select hive to swaphive.


Then you scroll downwards and click on convert.


After converting from Hive to swaphive, you scroll back up and click on swap.

After clicking on swap, you will see another option of swapping from swaphive to any token. So you chose Zing!


Scroll downwards and click on swap as you can see in the image below.


Once you are done swapping to Zing, now go to tribadex, login with your hive username and active key or posting key if you are using chrome or brave browser but if you are making use of keychain, all you have to do is put in your hive username.


After successfully logging in, you will see three horizontal lines at the right top, click on it and then click on pool.

When you click on pool, you will see something like this as you can see in the image below.


Click on add liquidity to add some Zing to liquidity. Well, I noticed there is a limit to how much you can add to liquidity, I'm not sure why though, I hope someone can explain that to me.


Well, after clicking on add liquidity, you will have to choose the token you want to add to liquidity, so you have to choose zingswap.hive in this case (just type in zing).

Then move forward to add the amount of Zing you wish to add or the amount that is available to be added to liquidity.


After doing that, just click on add liquidity and that's all!

Here's a screenshot of how my account looks like after adding about 40 Zing to liquidity.


I'm glad I've been able to achieve my goal of adding Zing to liquidity and the next goal I have is to Link my Reddit account to my Hive account.

I hope you find this helpful, feel free to ask questions if you have any, I'd try my best to give an answer and if I can't I know who can help, hehe.

Thank you so much for reading up to this point 😊.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 189 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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I liked the step by step. I also don't know very well the benefits of adding liquidity to the pool. However, it is something I would like to do soon. I will save this post.

Thank you! Well, I'm planning to go look for that Post by Acidyo and if I find it I'd give you a mention so we can both learn of the importance of adding liquidity 🥰.

Thank you so much for stopping by 🤗

Wow this is easier than I have been thinking it to be 😅 let me go do something about it already.
Thanks for this easy guide sis. You are doing well for the start of the year, keep it up.

Thank you so much sis, I'm glad you find it easy now 😂.

Weldone girl. Can one still be able to remove the liquidity at any time? And what is the possibility of you getting back your 40 zing or one would also get more? I am still not understanding that part. Can you please explain?

Yes you can remove it from liquidity. Well, like I said I don't fully understand how it works in the aspect of the benefits but I just wanted to try it out.

@acidyo wrote something about it so he can explain better. I have plans of looking for that Post where he explained it but it will take some time because I'm going for an event now and it will take a lot of my time.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for your thoughtful question, you can as well go look for his post 😊.

Alright. I will also try to look for the post too. Thank you dear

Yeah, please do. You're welcome and thank you too 🤗

You can not only withdraw. The liquidity pool is how a bank works. On one side you invest for an interest and the other side you can access that money in the form of a loan. Is the base for #DeFi and how people can access value from the economy.

Investing in these tokens will have an APY or an Annual Yield similarly to how HBD savings work.

Now, I understand. Thank you for the explanation.

Great tutorial

Thank you 🥰

Oh! Hope is also in this journey? That's great. Thanks so much for this educational post.

Yes Fave, I joined few weeks when it was launched, hehe.

It's my pleasure sharing it with you 🥰

Thanks for this tutorial babe...I reblogged this post to look into it very well and I just did...I will try it as I have wanted to do so all these while

It's my pleasure my amiable ambassador 🥰. I hope this helps you to give it a try 😊