My Delegation Reward | Weekly Report #1

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Greetings Holozing Trainers! First of all, I want to share why I joined this project and movement by sharing my short gaming life story.

I played my first game which was the Mario Brothers when I was 5 or 6 years old, then when I was in Grade 2 or 3 I already played the early stage of hardcore games like Starcraft, Diablo2, Warcraft2, Battle Realms, and Yuri's Revenge. At that time most of the games were offline or LAN games so it was all about story and campaign modes and when the internet was made and being adopted by people the new generations of games became more fun to play.

Now we are in the modern era and I'm also getting old I'm not that competitive in games anymore but I still play some games mostly in the Web3 space to have fun while earning some of their tokens.

What I love about Web3 games is you have the ownership of some parts of the game like your character, items, pets, coins, and costumes as NFTs then you can trade and sell them to other players and earn game tokens or even real cash like in Fiat unlike in Web2 games mostly, only the owners of the company or projects has the ownership and power to get a bunch of money from their sales.

When I saw a lot of blog posts about @Holozing in my feed I was curious so I checked some of them then I found out that this is a new game that is built here in the Hive blockchain and I'm surprised that @acidyo is the brain of this project.

Right away I said to myself that I wanted to be part of this project and community so 7 days ago I Delegate some of my HP to @zingtoken to earn some ZING tokens.

I checked my earning rewards from my HP delegation earlier and in 7 days I already earned 64 ZING. I will hold this for the long term and use some of it in the game to upgrade or level up my character and pets.

I think that's it for my Holozing Reward Weekly Report
see you on the next one.

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Some of the images that I used here are credited to the Holozing Game


👍 ❤️ Upvoted ❤️ 👍

This keep getting interesting.

That is for sure 💯

Amazing 😊

😎🤙 Yea!

and thanks.. ur post reminded me to claim my zing rewards today..


I still can't claim mine, 🥹

must be some bugs.. early days yet..

no worry, acidyo and team will squash..

What do you mean exactly?

It's okay now man I reached out to the support about the bug. thanks! 🫡🥂

I'm glad to hear that!

Yay! 🤗
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