Art or Videogames? - By YSJ

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And what do you prefer, art or video games? .... Wow, in our holozing family there is a section available for all the da Vinci of games ♥ And if you have a hidden talent and you are encouraged to make your art show.... Or you just want to enjoy the wonderful creations you can access through the Fan Art option at


holo 2.PNG

Here we have a huge amount of artists demonstrating their beautiful talent!

My favorite is the beautiful @catrynart's @catrynart.... Hey, it really looked great on you! Yes you are incredibly talented, it looks super realistic ♥.


Female "Forest Healer” | @catrynar

A big hug family, let's keep growing together with holozing, the future of videogames ♥ God bless you!


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This is excellent news... Of course I will!

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Wow! What a surprise! Thank you very much dear. Big greetings to you, I'm so glad you liked this style 🥰.

You're fantastic ♥

Thanks so 🌹