I sketched the grass Raccoon šŸŒæšŸŒæ

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It felt really good to try sketching again. I decided to make a sketch of the elegant The grass raccoon of the Holozing character!
I wasn't sure if I could do this, but I decided to give it a shot!

So I got out my materials as well as a sample grass raccoon to look at while drawing...
I took my position, maintained a good focus with my pencil and sketchbook and began drawing


I started the sketch with every part of the head using my pencil


After making use of my different olor pens, this was what I got:


What I love about this character is it's brilliance in color, the color combination is very superb and eye catching!
All other creatures of holozing are also very beautiful, the colors are just great!

I had fun with this sketch and fun taking the selfies later



A big thanks to the holozing team for these great artistic designs, your works are just very beautiful.
Making a sketch of the grass raccoon made me feel really good and thanks to the theme for the inspiration.

See you all next time šŸ¤—


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This is so amazing
I mean you're amazing at this

Welcome to the community šŸ˜šŸ‘

Thanks dear

I love what am seeing. Keep it up. Let me subscribe to this community because, am a lover of art work.

That'd be good, thanks for your visit

Dibujar no se me da muy bien, pero veo que a ti si y te felicito.
Los colores resaltan muy bien .
Este tipo de concursos ayudan a mejorar la dinamica de dibujar y colorear .

Mucho exito amiga en tu dibujo.

Gracias mi querida amiga