Fanart: Wrackoo inspired by holozing community

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Hello art lovers I hope you all are doing well. I love to spend busy time in the holozing community among my thousands of activities. I'm not that good at digital art though. But I always try my best to draw. I've tried to come up with some cool ideas especially for monster and healer sizes.But I always try to make my drawings comfortable. Drawing the Holozing fanart series seems a bit difficult to shoot but I try to manage myself.Let's do Canva.Which looks very nice to people.
Neutral Torn Paper Happy Birthday Photo Collage_20240419_201608_0000.png
Cover Created By Canva
I love holozing funart & Wrackoo all the time.Looks a lot like an employee how much work he can do.I tried to dress her up with amazing dress up. I tried to change his suit style. Also I tried to strengthen his monster body shape.Which is completely new in new color.Also, I have conducted the process of identifying its characters easily. I hope you all like and enjoy the gaming parts.



  • Brushes
  • 2B pencil
  • Colour pencil
  • Red colour pen
  • Acrylic colour
  • A4 size white paper
  • Non sharpening pencil

Step by step making plan









This is final making process


I have lightly sketched here by using a non-sharpini pencil. After that, I have drawn according to the serpentine marks with the help of a 2B pencil.I tried to make the colors nice.Which is completely in a new form.I have tried to make khop khop jama designs a little lighter dark and combining three colors.Acrylic color has always helped me here. Also I have tried to make the use of color pencils smooth.

Thank you for reading my creative article blog .Stay safe,stay happy.i think if you find any mistake in writing or something,Please allow me to correct it.And find me on social media.

Class#art #photography
DeviceTecno spark 48 Ultra sensing all camera

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All Prepared by @mdakash62