Zingu in flower greetings with making wallmate designs

Friends,Grettings everyone

Hello I hope everyone is doing well.Also spending beautiful healthy days with Hive family.Today I am through the HoloJing community.Decided to present to you all one of my earlier illustrated Zingu flowers with a Walmate design.I hope you all will love the art of greeting with this wonderful Walmate design.I always hope that the creator will give everyone the opportunity to spend a beautiful healthy day by allowing them to feel the greatness of the great creation.Let's do Canva.

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Cover Created By Canva
Art is a big goal in our life.This art originated from mankind.So we are always coming up with something new to innovate the industry.Which has a different feel to paper cutting. I thought it was very important to give Zingu flowers.Making flower exhausting wallmats with Zingu is a new development.


paper cup
Fevicol Guru
crystal glue
acrylic colour
2B Dark pencil
A4 size colour paper
scissors small & large

Step by step making plan

First I have all the necessary tools at hand including cardboard.Then I cut it into four konachi with scissors.
Then I drew it evenly with the scale,using the To B pencil.After that, according to the drawing,I cut the square size lengthwise with a knife.



Then I took a paper cup and made it thin, cut it and folded it. That varsity paper was put around the square sheet of paper through the fevicles.


Then I painted well in four colors using acrylic colors with brushes. on pieces of paper.which has turned into a beautiful design.

Then I turned the cardboard upside down and applied fevicol glue to the back.I have cut the color paper a little bigger than the wooden size.



Then I applied the color paper to the back of the walmate and applied it nicely.As you can see.I have tried to present to you.

After Zingu I made more colorful colors.which appears boiling.I also made red color as well.I tried to make the Zingu color deeper.After that,I cut the Zingu in a round shape.



Here I am showing the link of this Zingu drawing

Next I took out the white parts from Zingu's Body Structures book with small scissors.And after cutting showed it to you.


Then I cut a red rose flower into a nice size.


I then attached the rose to the inside of the Wallmate frame with Favicol glue


This is final making process


I then stuck the zingu inside the Walmate with Favicol glue.Finally we have a wonderful Walmate with Zingu rose flower welcome process completed. You can make a wonderful Walmart by following these steps.



I have decorated the Zingu wallmate beautifully on the wall of my room. I attached it to the wall with the help of Favicol glue. I hope you all like this wonderful wallmate.

Thank you for reading my creative article blog .Stay safe,stay happy.i think if you find any mistake in writing or something. Please allow me to correct it.And find me on social media.

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DeviceTecno spark 48 Ultra sensing all camera

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All Prepared by @mdakash62