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Hello everyone, good afternoon ,and happy new month, trust everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Remember, in my last Blog I said that I will be updating us on every thing about this holozing game and here is another update.

Recently, there have been updates from holozing management about the launching of the game... And this news has made almost everyone including me to be more excited considering the fact that that we have really gone far already in this game. And we have put so much effort to make this work out.

I really appreciate the fact that the update just came Now, because a lot of people had already put in their efforts and time to make this journey a great one.. And because of this update,it would minimize the possibility of unsolicited messages in the community.

image gotten from holozing site

Updates on referral scheme
I have just heard updates on referral program which I will be sharing it with us too to be updated. Referral is not just an ordinary or usual thing that we usually do in other platforms.

This referral program is the most recent update I have gotten and this is the update that is all over holozing Project.. this is really a great deal I must say.. it is a big opportunity for us to invite our friends to play the game and at the same time, there is always a benefiting reward for everything, weather great or small.

Also, I have really been doing a great job too. I have been trying to spread the news to my hive friends who are yet to know the holozing community and its project. I have introduced them to get into the project and contribute to it before the game is launched, this will be a great benefits to them. This is also my little way of contributing to the referral program.

** purpose of Holozing referral program**

The referral program is useful because it will help us get in touch with people both hivers and none hivers. This is how the program will be going, a particular person will be paid 5% anytime you invite someone to play this game.
This is not just around we the hivers. But to also be of benefits to the non hivers too.. all you will have to do is to get to all those game lovers, gist them about this game...and in other to be able to participate, you must create an hive account for the person as need be.

This is not just about the game, but it is also a means of spreading the goodnews of #holozing project, it is also to encourage people to be more consistent in this platform.
Let's rise up and engage people and tell them about the referral project, which will not last long.

image gotten from holozing site

This referral program isn't an everyday, or weekly or monthly thing, but it is something that occurs in just one time.Be informed that someone cannot be your referrer if he/she registers before you tell them...

The aim of this referral scheme is to appreciate people like me, who has helped in spreading and sharing the goodnews of game and also bringing in new members to the community.
I know a lot of game lovers that I will bring for this project once the game is launched.
Don't miss out in this, it's gonna be amazing A lot is yet to be revealed.

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Thanks for reading my post....
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Yes, we are also waiting impatiently for the launch of this game.
It would be a revolutionary project in the field of hive gaming.
Nice blog dear.

Thank you so much sir.