Claim your daily Zing token Bonuses . Staking Tokens ahead of Game.


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You must be living under a rock to not have come across the multiple blogs, pre-launch and presentation of a new game on the hive Blockchain and Web3. A monster catching battling and healing game. Players are not acquainted with the monsters they engage with leaving them with making decision amidst battle. In simple terms you get to catch and train creatures with healers starting with 4creatures. I believe that it is better to learn and stay updated while the game is still in it's pre-launch stage. And just like it has been written in the several updates, the HoloZing adventure game has a semblance with Pokemon and world of craft. You may want to check that out to if you feel up to a little more practice before the actual game.


An important aspect of the game is the games token #Zing they will be used in actual transactions when the game begins. For now you can get a good value to earn and stake as much of the token possible for the price it is. You can guess what the price will be like when the games get started and I hope it doesn't get too expensive for you to enjoy some games .

Comparing the Percentage APR on the different earnings will give you the better idea or which will give out a better returns.


  • Delegating Hive power to @zingtoken gives you a 38% APR. I have seen a larger number of person's opt for this option likewise myself who has made a 500HP delegation.


Staking Posh tokens gives one a 170% APR much higher than a delegation reward.



And the best way to earn as much of the zingtoken is to provide liquidity pool in the zingswap and Hive liquidity pool, with this you can earn as high as 393%APR


And in any case you have some spare funds and would like to purchase the token, it is available in hive engine. Setting a limit of purchase or make an instant purchase using the market option.
The market value for #zingtoken can be seen here


To set a goal for the amount of zingtoken I wish to have, starting with a thousand won't be a bad idea I made a purchase of about 400 of the tokens with about 7.4 hive. I wish to accumulate as much of it before the week runs out so that at least I can get a thousand of it to set a liquidity pool for it just like I have joined some of the LP of other tokens in the past.

And on another note you must be aware that consistently is the center of most Activities and Achievements, with HoloZing and Zingtokens you have to be consistent in your daily reward claiming and now this comes with a bonus whenever you login daily to claim your rewards.
I have recently noticed this and you can see that I had made claims to my bonus for today 5th Dec.



This means that you have to login to the website daily to claim your regards and bonus which will be continuous throughout this month.
To conclude this I will admonish that you get your minds ready get involved and stay updated about the new game and not miss out if important details to be noted and corrected before the very much anticipated game begins

Some Useful official guides are seen below.

Official Website

Hive account

Delegation account

X/Twitter account



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