My Legendary Holozing Journey begins, 200 Hp delegated



I took a bold step today, after so much deliberation and procrastination lol.

I have seen many of my friends post about The Holozing game but I was just too skeptical about it. I finally Joined the moving train today.
There is a popular saying that, the Journey of a thousand Miles begins with just one step. This is my very legendary Journey to the world of the Very popular Holozing game. The game founder and Game Designer is @acidyo. He is also the Founder of OCD (Original Content Decentralised) and POSH on the Hive Blockchain.


I have been following Mr Acidyo on My X (Twitter Handles) for quite sometime now, He has been quite active and sharing a lot of updates on the game and Hive Blockchain generally.

About the Game:

Holozing is a Web3 roleplaying adventure game for both casual and competitive players
The Holozing game offers many creatures to catch and train with healers.

Here is how I delegated 200 HP to Holozing so as to start my Earnings (Step by Step Guide)

We start off by opening our Hive Keychain

  • Login to your hive keychain.



  • Go to the keychain browser tab, input the website: After the website come up, Go to login (Input your Hive username)


  • After logging in to your holozing account, click on the menu option, at the Top Left corner of the page, and go to Rewards



  • Go to Delegate (Input the amount you want and then Delegate) As you can see below I delegated 200HP to Holozing.



It's super easy, try it out today click here to get started today 🤗🎉

What are the other ways of earning on Holozing?

You can also earn by Buying & Staking Zing tokens, Liquidity Pool, Posh Rewards and also Referrals. Read Here for more information on How to earn rewards.

It's as simple as that.
Big thanks to @wealthwess for Inviting me over to give it a trial.

I hope this helps you start your Adventures on the ZingVerse lol

follow up on Hive account @holozing
Official Website:



Good luck in your ZING journey, were are all so hype in this game, can't wait for it's launch.

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Much Appreciated sir
Thanks so much

You are doing really great oluwadrey. I am seeing many people earning zing tokens. I hope it turns out to be really beneficial

Am fully Optimistic