From Waiting to Playing! Meet 'TapTap Whale', the New Addition to Holodex [Open Contest]

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New functionality has been added to the Holodex. Over the past few days, I've been wondering: What do people do while they wait to claim their rewards on Holozing? Why not create something engaging and entertaining for them to enjoy during their free time instead of just waiting?

With this in mind, I have incorporated a minigame into the project that I have called 'TapTap Whale'. This game is inspired by the classic 'Flappy Bird', but is oriented towards the Water Whale character from Holozing. In this game, your mission is to help Water Whale navigate the seabed avoiding corals.

At the moment, 'TapTap Whale' is a basic version, but it already offers fun to users. I plan to continue developing it and adding new features to improve the gaming experience. I hope you enjoy it!


I show you a little how the background design was, as usual for my designs I make them in a sketchbook.


The design of the obstacle that our character must avoid is as follows:



I have decided to show this version so that you dare to try it and get feedback on the game. Among the improvements I will be making are:

  • Leader Board
  • Scoring System with Rewards
  • Challenges or PvP
  • Mobile Design

As I mentioned last time, migrating to a VPS is precisely necessary to be able to manage the different functionalities of the application.

How to play

  • Login Hive Keychain
  • Click in Mini Game
  • Start
  • To manipulate Water Whale you must click with the mouse.


I have decided to create a contest for the game, which consists of playing 'TapTap Whale', sharing in the comments a screenshot of the score obtained, making a small review of the game and inviting 3 friends to participate.

The base reward will be 20 Hive + whatever is generated by this publication.

  • First place: 10 Hive + 60% of what was generated by this publication.
  • Second place: 5 Hive + 30% of what was generated by this publication.
  • Third place: 5 Hive + 10% of what was generated by this publication.

To test the mini-game, you must first log in with Hive Keychain and then click on the ‘Mini Game’ button. Here Link


Note: For future posts related to Holodex, I have created the following account: @holodex. Additionally, if you want to collaborate to increase the reward pot contest, you can write to me at Discord: Raulmz#3257 or simply make a transfer to the holodex account with the memo 'Contest funds'."



I have tried the game on my PC and on my phone and the truth is that although it is a bit more complicated on the phone it is still as fun, it is addictive and quite good to play.


I am happy I finally played the mini game, I just logged in to the game on my PC using my active key with the help of my hive keychain, the game is so fun to play and I enjoyed it, the game is also easy to play so you can try it out if you have not.

This is how it was when I logged in👇👇

After I have logged in I clicked the start and started enjoying the game, the mini game was very lovely, at the end I scored 16.840, this is it below 👇

Am now using this opportunity to call @chichieze @ijelady @dannyhandsome to come and join me and play this amazing game.

Great good score, I hope you had fun.
I will note your participation.

Yes I had so much fun, the game is easy to play so anyone can play it and enjoy it. Am happy you like the score, am still playing and I have scored more than the formal one, 👇


Has the game started? And how did you manage to play it?

The holozing game has not been launched, this is just a mini game you can use to keep yourself engaged as you are waiting for the holozing game, you can play the game by either pressing the link directly or copying the link to the game you can see in @raulmz post and pasting it on your hive keychain brower that you have already logged in and then you can play the game.

Thanks for the question and i hope you enjoy the game.

Thanks for the reply

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Opening my keychain and logging in to the game was super cool and easy. The game is very sensitive to touch on the screen. When you place your finger on the screen the whale starts moving up. Honestly I really enjoyed this game. @mr-chuks, @josephdon211, @pearlie123 please check out this game. It is really interesting.

The game is cool

Thanks, already participating.

Alright friend 👌.

This is brilliant and cool too. I'm definitely trying this out, I will come back to comment on my experience 😊

I just played the mini game and I do have a question, as regards the contest, do I write about it here on your comment section and tag people here too?

Yes, write it in a comment.

Thanks.. 😊

Okay, you're welcome 🥰

This is really cool. I have tried it out and will be making a post about it. Thanks for building this mini game.


Thanks for trying it, but I see that you did it from your mobile phone and it probably didn't work correctly for you. As soon as the update is done, I'll let you know so you can try again.

Okay friend

It already recognizes touches on the screen. I hope you have fun playing.


Alright friend 👌. Let me check it out.

Logging in to the mini game was so easy, all I had to do was go to my keychain browser and put in the link and then click on the keychain logo on the site and then I logged in.


After logging in, I clicked on mini game and then I clicked on start, all of these were just so easy too. After that, the whale started moving until it finally touched the green grass.

I got 1.840 rewards for my first trial as you can see below.


I'd find the game more interesting and fun if I'd be able to control the whale's movement myself but I guess it's going to get better since it's still a work in progress.

@merit.ahama @etorobong @kingswill you guys should check out the holodex contest, it's so easy, just follow the steps right 🥰.

I love what you are developing friend, do keep it up ✅.

Sorry, I don't think I indicated what the gameplay was like. To control the whale you must click with the mouse, Inside the game area. You can try again. So that you can improve your score.

Oh I see! I don't have a PC, I'm making use of mobile and I don't think I have that option or is there another way?

You're right, I just tried it from my mobile and it doesn't work correctly. Today I will make an update to fix it, thanks for notifying me. I'll let you know when it's ready so you can participate.

Okay, I'd be expecting it then 😊

Ready, It already recognizes touches on the screen. I hope you have fun playing.

Okay! Let me try it out now 🥰

Let me message you on discord or should I continue here so others can learn? I'm finding it hard to login

Thanks for the invite, I will sure join in the contest

You're welcome 🥰

Do I need a PC to login cause it's not working with my phone

It's supposed to work on mobile but it's also not working for me at the moment. If you have a PC it will be better or else I think @raulmz should come help out

Why doesn't it work for you, I have made the changes so that it works in mobile mode.

The landscape doesn't work with my keychain, I don't know why but it worked on my brave browser but then I can't login through another browser except for keychain browser. I really don't know why it's giving me a hard time

Hello good morning. This game looks interesting, I'm going to try it.

Great what you're doing, keep going.

Great.. Thanks.

So interesting ideas, I will try to join. good luck👍

Thank you, I hope you have a good score. Remember to share the screenshot where your username is visible.

May I know what the screenshot is

Take a photo of the screen

Hello, your project looks interesting, having the experience of a minigame to share with some of the creatures

Thanks for your comment.
I hope your participation.


Wow! This is cool and different. I love seeing the enthusiasm of users creating projects and polishing ideas around Holozing. I will definitely try it, although I am not very skilled at games of this type!
Happy night Holo! 🌟

Thank you very much for your comment, I hope you have fun playing.

My post and my record in the game. I had a lot of fun

Thanks.. Publish the screenshots here in the comment please.

That's definitely great, well done!
Will check out the game myself later on. How long does the contest run? :)

Contest closes when post rewards are claimed.

Okay, clear! :)
Have played it a couple of times, really love it, good job!

This is really surprising. I haven't seen the game yet. I just recently discovered this little gem.

Thanks, I invite you to participate, you will surely have fun... Greetings

Hola. tu minijuego es genial, se parece a uno que realice hace un tiempo. Tratare de conseguir un puntaje alto

I thought this project that you are carrying out seemed great...

It has good features...

The game is all good.. Here is my record.

Great, I hope you had fun. But you must invite 3 friends to play.

It was so fun spending time in your game, I kept practicing this has been my new record

Thanks for this mini game @raulmz this mini game will help keep me busy as I patiently wait for the holozing game, I really join playing the game and I have been playing it all day. The last one I played I got a score of about 42.840 am excited.


And now I want to invite @michael700 @ebonymama @zeal72 to come and play is game, this is an easy game and you guys will have fun playing it and also enjoy it.

This is my score 👇👇

Great, very good score.. Thank you for joining the contest...

Okay my friend, thanks for your reply and I am happy i joined the contest, I will keep playing the game.

This is great, I will love to give it a try, my challenge now is laptop, I have to get one to fit in this game

Finally I have seen something that will keep me entertained, the game is extraordinary and I had fun playing it, I played and played and I didn't get tired, just like @raulmz said you can login to the game and playing easily by using your hive keychain app, I tried that and it worked.

At first you might think that the game is not easy but when you keep playing you will slowly become an expert.

I got 30.840 on the last one I played and I will keep playing to get more high score.


The image above shows my game and score 👆, and now am calling @everlyalliance @caleb-marvel and @marajah to come and play this game and have fun.

It's a nice game, do they reward you with HBD?

Why does log-in need an active key operation? Never understood that and never will. It is sufficient to sign in with a posting key. It always makes me wonder what the intention behind it is. Is it so you are able to claim tokens within the game?

Yes, it was mainly placed to make the claim.

I tried out the game as well. Have to admit that it's really great that you made a dex for the site. It looks great and the game: tap tap whale worked good.

Had to try it out a couple of times as at first I wasn't that good in playing the game. But in the end it went quite well.
Hereby my high score:

Would like to invite the following people: @sneakry @munchiesmcgee and @whalestrail

Managed to improve my score a bit just before the deadline :D. I was getting some sweaty hands as it was a couple of times close or I would have hit the coral. Luckily in the end I managed to bypass my previous score by a decent amount. :D The more you play this game, the more addicted it becomes though. Really love the holozing dex you created and tap tap whale!


Will tag 3 more people, as the more souls, the more fun! :D
@piini123 @metamu @gord0

Hola, muy buen concurso. Probé el juego en mi navegador y logré un puntaje de 108.400

Invito a: @belkysmargarita , @elbuhito y a @lacochinaensalsa


Hola amigo

Muy buen proyecto que esta llevando, el juego muy entrentenido, aqui mi mayor puntuaje, para llegar ahi tuve que darle bastante para dominar la ballena

Invito a: @lileisabel, @gaboamc2393 @dayadam

I spent a long time playing the game, finally I was able to play it on my phone. I had some difficult obstacles at the beginning, but each time I progressed I tried to get better and better. I was testing myself. Excellent game!

Although there is not much time left, I would like to invite @robertoleg @lisbatista @crptogeek to play it.


Contest Closed...