How to Login to your Holozing account using Hive Keychain on Mobile

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So a few days back, after hearing and reading all the buzz about the new holozing game, frankly there literally no place on hive you wouldn't encounter one or two things about holozing game, its pretty amazing . On my hive ecency feed, its always right there grabbing attention (I have to say that is good publicity right there). Evidently it was fun, and like anybody else I tried getting in on the fun first by login in to my holozing account which of course you have to create firstly using your existing hive account. initially I tried using my regular mobile browser (chrome) then I got this error 👇

Now the above error basically states that you can only access the holozing game through your hive keychain if on mobile. It means you can only gain access or login into the game using the browser in your Hive keychain if you on mobile, dont know about system/Desktop login

To be frank, I had a bit of trouble figuring out the solution, yeah, I know I'm not that smart, I know, but I eventually figured it out and thats what matters.

So just in case you are having this issue and you have no idea how to go about it this is for you. Its a very detailed tutorial that state clearly and in a well detailed manner the step by step processes to login to your Holozing game using your mobile.

So to login to your holozing game using you mobile, here is what you have to do

Step 1: Download the hive keychain on playstore. These are the sub-steps to do that

  • Go into your browser, search for google play store preferably on google and download the app. If you already have the app by default on your phone just open it. screenshot below for a visual walkthrough 👇



  • Once you have downloaded google playstore or you have it on your phone already, open it. Once opened, search for hive key chain and download it 👇





  • Download the circled app in the above. That is hive key chain

Step 2 : Open the newly downloaded and installed hive keychain app on your mobile

  • Go to your mobile apps, then select hive keychain, open it

  • Select the 3 dot at the top right corner of the keychain after opening it



Step 4 : You need to add your account first, so Select "ADD ACCOUNT" which is just below "MANAGE KEYS" 👇

  • Type in your existing Hive username and copy and paste in your hive account private key 👇

  • Select "IMPORT" after doing the above 👇

  • If you follow the above correct correctly your account would reflect on your hive keychain, you know this by the presence of your profile picture of your hive account

Now that your account has been imported, it time to login into holozing. To do this, do the following :

  • While inside your hive keychain, Select the 3 dots at the top right corner


  • Then select browser 👇


  • Then select go to, you would be directed to the holozing site on selecting go to 👇

  • Once in the holozing in-game site, select "Get Started" to actually get stated with owning your account👇

  • After selecting "Get Started" , you would be directed to sign in 👇

  • Insert your Hive username

  • Select Sign in

  • After signing in using your hive username, it would be confirmed and reflected by the presence of your profile picture at the top right corner 👇

After signing in, you can start to explore the Holozing interphase and get familiar with how things work, more tutorial to come on that

So that's it on signing in to your holozing account using Hive Keychain on mobile.

Let me know if this tutorial was helpful. Comment and contribute wherever you feel is necessary

To get start on your holozing game adventure you can use my referral link here:

Thanks For reading


  • First image (screenshot) used as a thumbnail is mine
  • All other images used except for the holozing banner and divider are mine

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