Miu Miu x Water Healer, a new Holozing fanart!

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Hello guys, I'm back with a new art to share. I decided to draw Miu Miu with Water healer this week. I was wondering what type was Miu Miu and was later found that it's normal type so you can pretty much couple it with any healer so I decided to draw male water healer. I really the character design of male version because of his badass wavy hairstyle and that's why I decided to draw him this week. I made it a bit more detailed this time especially his jacket. I really had fun rendering it.

Miu Miu and Healer


The Process













As usual I searched for a pose and found one from Pinterest. I wanted to draw an adult version of the water healer so I picked some references which had that type of guys. After that I made a rough sketch and added the holozing unform and then made a sketch of Miu Miu on his shoulders. I felt like this position is more suited for Miu Miu because I used to fantasize about cats resting on my shoulders and giving off a team vibe hehe. Once I was done with that I made clean lineart later. Yes, I don't do it in one go like I used to xd. My eyes are getting blurry these days because of the constant painting of artworks and mobile usage lol. Yesterday evening I finished the lineart and today afternoon I started painting them.

I decided to concentrate more on his jacket this time. Played with rendering the fold patterns until I got a decent result. I think this took the longest to complete because of the details. I didn't use a reference for this because I couldn't find one which I could fuse into this pose. Luckily I somehow manage to get good results today. The other areas were done pretty fast as it covered less area. The shadows I used on both Miu Miu and the healer has a blueish tint. I did that on purpose because of the ambient lighting. It's way better than using plane grey as shadow colour. After I was done with that I refined the painting a bit more, painted a simple background which took longer than I expected to craft from mind xd. I also added my visor design on this one. I was just checking but it turns out to look good with this guy so I kept it in there hehe.

App used: Ibis paint x

Duration: 9hrs

Pose Reference: here

Thank you so much for your time 😊


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Thanks for letting me know ☺️.

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I'll check it out when I'm free. If I like the ui then I'll post through it haha.

Thanks :)

Hahaha awesome, if you have any questions or need help just let me know!

Thanks bro 😊

!giphy wow


Thanks bro 👍

I loved this version of the Ocean Healer. I love the light details, you are a master!


I'm no master haha but thanks for the compliment 🙏🥹

Miu Miu, the facial expression 🥲, I love it! And the healer's clothes turned out so well. Overall very well done!

Ah yes I was waiting for someone to notice it haha. Glad you like the crazy smile xd.

Clothes took some time but I'm getting good reactions so it was worth it 😁

Yeah! Keep going with the clothes! Sol is branching out.


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Love this version of yours


Thank you 😁

DZAMNNNNN daddy mode! 😩😍😍😆

I really do hope they will consider the visor!


Hahahaha you really do like manhwa style oppas huh 😂.

HAHAH Yes! 😆

Buen trabajo 🤩👏👌 Excelente diseño

Thanks bro