🐱🫖Sharing my 1st Waffle holozing post!🧇🧇🧇

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Happy Waffle day Holozing!


"Miu le taku waffle"

Being held at gun point to make this post.




There are a lot more in discord but im too lazy to go and find them.

I wanted to make Hiveph waifu 1st or Holozing waifu. But full blown illustrations are going to take me a while. HUHUHUHUH

I still have a couple animations left to finish before im finally free and melt into my brick bed. But yeah its good to be back and posting again after so long. Zaaaaamn my animation post was from 24-days ago. Im losing track of time now because im so busy.

Ohh well lets move onto the post.

RIP old @Acidyo profile pic


"Gengar from pokemon by Acidyo"

Hhahaahah pulled this out from a old folder i had of people who don't regularly draw art but time to time do and i would save that because its cooooool!


Goooo check out his krita drawing stuff. @demotry watch out! Acidyo a better artist than youuuuuu.

Ha! Get gud scrub.

But yeah the iconic mew from pokemon that acidyo had been using for i guess when me 1st met him at steemit on my 2nd post. The 2 people whom commented that day were @acidyo and @ryivhnn.

Look at me now! I have gotten gud within those four years. I have a lot to talk about especially to share my experience looking for a job and freelancing.

Although it has been tough in the entry level trenches, scams, ghosting, phishing links, black companies. Even will all of that. I have never felt more free and alive than ever.

THANK YOU SO MUCH @acidyo and @ryivhnn for helping me since 2019 in steemit all the way to today!

To waffle or not to waffle?!


Ever since the dawn of man

We have been searching for that one thing

A universal goal, object, religion food.

I present to you



Currently @zeroooc is going to have a after wedding party within the next 5 months. His Wifey is having a difficult time with food.

Waffle being the food of luv. (*Trust me bro)

And waffles having its own religion.


I just had to suggest something, Waffle party!

Simple, easy to prepare and could feed the left overs to the local hobo army for 10yrs!

If i were to combine it with the Evil duck army that both be and @solominer had raised i would be unstoppable. Fortunately there are no FBI agents that monitor Hive.blog activity.


I was talking about this in minecraft.

Step by step screenshots for my AI bro's to steal





Hnnnnn Gaaaaah!

That is what i feel whenever i look at Miu. Im just there on the side to steal the waffle as soon as its done cooking.

Whoever the chef is i can feel that its going to be a amazing waffle!

But yeah i used the same wood texture on the table and applied it to miue. HUHUHU, its just some oil pastel pen with gnarly settings. For me im a clean boi, no for or riff raff. Although i had to shrink the teapot on m head because it would go out of bounds otherwise. Gotta limit my power for the newbs.









And that is how a waffle is made.

I was happy with how it turned out. i even incorporated some pink and green into the waffle to replicate the Holozing Glaze. But on waffles instead.

Now now i know what your thinking.

Hey Dakskuri why does the waffle look like a bread thing? Ohh silly you, time to DIE! *TAKU BLAST!!!


Waffles just like the french bread didn't have a uniform design back then. When the dutch and more recently waffle irons changed the way they are prepared but more importantly ended up looking.

In conclusion, waffles are simply superior to normal bread. And pancakes are just inferior because they haven't been baptized by the waffle iron.

Also last time i had to go into the Food court in SM or any other place in general.

The cheapest waffles i could find ranged anywhere between 30php($0.6) - +400php.($8) Im like WHAAAAAAAT!

Back in the province, you could find snack stalls near the school and be able to buy waffles coated with margarine and sugar for 5php each!

@zeroooc gave me $10 to buy some waffles. But yeah i didn't wanna spend it all at once so i just bought some Siopao instead.



The smol ones cost 15php ($0.3) and the Big one cost 30php ($0.6)

These are super epic. Even my faith in Waffles are shaken by how good siopao is. If i don't come back soon i might already be indoctrinated into the Siopao cult and worship china.

+15 Social credits

Links and other stuff

Medibang File

Medibang (Drawing program used)





The CCP government

Waffle god

The voices in my head

Taking a break

After the Grindfest and the abyss known as Entry level trenches. I have decided to take a break from all that stuff. Going around Laguna for interviews. Im going to keep this short and not turn it into a rant.

I'll try to upload 1 post per week. LOL! I guess that's possible since im at a better situation now than a few months ago.

HUHUHU hope you had a epic easter and april fools.

Thanks for Wathing

-- Takuri


Is there a waffleism chapel near by? I'd like to join if they give out free waffles.
Nice to hear you're doin better now. Keep on goin'! Never lose steam!


YES YES! Viva La Takuris!


Why siopao sa inyo is cheaper? Hmm, maybe a different filling. Your artstyle is very Takuri. I like the expression on both chars. Good job!


Waffle is cheaper but i couldn't find the street waffle vendor. The only ones available are the ones at the mall.

Or i buy a waffle hotdog. Nahhhhh

There are a lot of Siopao vendor on my area.

So i just went with that.

yown! sawakas nagpakita kana ng Holozing fanart! DAKSKURI


Imma share this to reddit and other places huhuuhuh

As per usual I was hopelessly confused all the way through. The only clear thing is that the cute art is cute and waffles are amazing XD

And so is charsiu pao, that is a favourite in this house too XD J will buy a couple of packets at a time from some Asian store and they never last.

I usually leave them for the kids to snack on but they're usually really nice and make me one XD

Hmmmm i guess the store Siopao is cool as well. But not as GOOOOD as the original, doe stuffed with precooked meat and veggies then steamed for a hour.

HUHUHUHU my ramblings are actually a fortune spell.

Presto Mesto give the Ryivhnn 2 wafflo

If they're making the store one it's probably fresher XD

Technology. But nothing beats a rural fishing village, straight from the sea.

Such as a waffle fresh from a bakery.

Whhheeeereee iss waffleeeeee naging siopao😭
Very well done art pieece taks well done✨

HUHUHUHUH typo Master Japex.

Hhahahhah mahal talaga ng Waffle, hindi ko mahanap ang waffle sa kalye. Puro mga siopao lang.

ahahahahaha wag sa kalye dun ka sa mall mag waffle jusko!😆

GRRRRRRR ang mahal kasi.

Kapag me have extra money to splurge then mauube

The painting looks quite alive because of the funny expressions. It's something I noticed in most of your other artworks as well. I guess this has something to do with animation right? Last year I noticed on Tom and Jerry that the characters are draw with flat colours and no extra shades at all but they looks so alive because of their body movements and facial expressions. I saw the resemblance here and we all love to see a short animation from you but I'm won't pester you because of your job hunt haha. Maybe in the future you can make something that hehe.

By the way I saw most of your gif? Or was it called animation looping I don't remember haha. Those were pretty cool!


Here ya go, my vector animations compilation + portfolio.

Huhuhuh yeah animation has a big impact on my style. Expressions and cute shtuff.

BUt imma try finishing the other Hive waifus as well. Only done OCD properly so far.

Illustration to the MAX!

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