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Hello my dear Hive fellows, hope you are doing well and enjoying each day with your complete engagement. As we the hive community already know that the Hive Blockchain is a leader in the area of blockchain-based games. Holozing is one of the newest games on the Hive blockchain. It's a role-playing game that breaks new ground and has quickly gained a lot of community interest. The Hive community is interested in it because it has a unique idea and gives out tokens in a fairer way than any other games in the Hive blockchain. The in-game currency, ZING token is distributed to the community without any pre-sale or pre-mined situation depending on the contribution of the individual.

Already our hive community has accepted it as a massively impactful game in the Hive blockchain. The project has also made good progress with its latest work on the BSC chain. It will now combine tokenomics with the BSC chain, which is one of the most famous user-based blockchains in the crypto world. The use of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has made the game more impactful by adding new scopes and opportunities for the community. The Hive and BSC environments are now joined together, making a market that is growing and ready for a lot more investments from the outside of the Hive blockchain which will benefit the Hive blockchain also.

If you have noticed or not, the Holozing Community has gained massive engagement after it was introduced and people are very excited here with many activities. Some activities like background designing, drawing your fancy characters, post dividers, and so many things are happening with the strong engagement of the creators and the participants. Most astonishingly it has already surpassed the rewards value of the Splinterlands community which is a great achievement.

The number of members is still low and many of the participants in the game are not joined in the Hive community and are missing the updates and the activities to earn some author rewards by any type of engagement. In the trending community, Holozing Community stands at the position of 4 which is proof of how the community is growing itself with the community members and supporting themselves.

But there are indeed some opposite thoughts on the game which is also can be found in the sphere and today when I was exploring, I found such thoughts. With due respect, I am not sharing the details but I want to share my own thoughts to refute some points which is logical in my points. I just want to spread positivity but it is true that you must have the understanding to save your funds from all the potential risks in the future as we don't know in which direction we will be passing through.

I am replying to these thoughts in my opinion not for fighting each other which is sometimes a very common phenomenon in the web3.0 space which is not my intention. I am writing due to make the Hive a positive sphere from the aspects of people engagements and the bright future of the Hive blockchain by considering Holozing a good project to land here.

  • Whatever the project proves in the future it is not a waste of money, here no direct sales or promotion has been introduced yet and it is too early to revoke it which means closing the door of a project before it starts. Any failure is not the end, many failures will bring a good one, I want to be positive in that sense which I experienced as a researcher where more than 99% of articles are just a waste of money!

  • Money here is not completely free in many senses but also it is partially true which can beat a participant without any asset management and if the whales destroy the project. But you have complete control of everything here and you are not going to lose anything in the long run. I have discussed it in my previous post which can be found here.

  • I can say that nothing is destined yet for a game and I think the same feeling also existed before the launch of Splinterlands which is now the top blockchain-based game not only in Hive blockchain but among others also in terms of active players I think. But if we do not allow the project to go beyond then the end is fixed for sure. It also trues no one works for free but there is a clear mechanism for managing the cost of the developers from the rewards from the delegated HP which is a good plan without affecting you.

  • Finally, we the community can kill the game which is the end of the project but most of the members are positive including me. And I don't feel the severe flaws here to believe in the future of such an amazing project. But for your safety, you can calculate your risks and find the best way to get engaged without any losses. But I don't feel any negativity for supporting a project that will extend the hive blockchain at the end.

No matter what the plan is, I'm going to have a focused and detailed look at everything important for spending on some projects. I will never risk more money than I can afford to lose. I'm thrilled to be a part of this wild adventure, and I ask everyone to join me as we discover what Holozing can do. Together, we can make a fun and successful gaming community and do something really special for us and for Hive.

Why do you wait? Start earning rewards now by delegating your HP to @zingtoken, and staking your ZING tokens! My own accomplishment of staking 9,000 ZING tokens demonstrates my faith in HoloZing's future. I invite you to contribute your own accounts of your Holozing adventures, and together, let's build this amazing community a greater one.

So, what is your plan regarding Holozing? What are your thoughts about the future aspects, let us know in the comments. If you have any questions or info about my thoughts. please let us know in the comments, it will help us in mutual growth. Thank you for your time and attention.
Have a nice day.

For further information about Holozing, you can visit the following links-

Official Website -

Hive account -

Delegation account -

Twitter/X account -

Whitepaper -

All the images produced by me with the available resources of the Holozing game.


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