HoloZing pace is much higher than my Expectation

The price of HoloZing has gone up more than I expected in recent days which can be compared to a sugar rush! As we, the hive community, already know the Hive Blockchain is a leader in the area of blockchain-based games. Holozing is one of the newest games on the Hive blockchain. It's a role-playing game that breaks new ground and has quickly gained a lot of community interest.
Remember that dip, brave souls? Previously the price was going downward and traded around $0.0013 HIVE which was very low but gradually it gained $0.0016 Hive which is showing great stability, so do not worry as the price of HoloZing is going back up having super stability in the price!

I'm not an expert on the market, but the signs are looking better than my short-term expectations. Soon, starting packs will be here, like a dream full of brand-new HoloZings assets in the Hive blockchain! The unofficial post regarding has been discussed by the developer in this post. The community is telling us we're on the right track with that many hands up. Right now, my only goal is to pile up ZING as much as possible through all the possible ways. In addition, the community has become a great community in the Hive as HoloZing is on fire. There are so many community members with smart plans and artists who make so much fan art that makes the community a super lively community. Everyone is friendly and willing to help new players and experienced players share their knowledge in the community to bring more people on the train.

Also, I have seen the recent info about the highest number of HP delegations yesterday after more than a couple of months which is showing proof how the mass community is still entering into the game economy and taking their role in the journey. Though the number has not increased so high the consistency and the increasing characteristics are the real facts here that can not be ignored and it is a sign that the potential great journey of the game is still lying in the future.

With the stable price, the rewards stability is also increasing and the APR is not decreasing as before when there was a lower number of players in the space. So, prepare yourselves, brave members of the community. There is a strong wind of a bull run blowing in the digital fields of HoloZing and don't miss the opportunity to become an early adopter. The wind will bring the chance and the sweet fruits of rising ZING prices which has already begun.

With this rewarding opportunity, the Holozing will let you engage in many epic battles in which every move is exciting, and every win will bring you a greater opportunity! In a short time, you'll be able to claim your own digital kingdom, build, fight, and enjoy the fame of being a Zing participant.

As the new year comes, the circulating supply crosses 20 m and is currently around 21.48 m of which around 16.96 m is staked.

Besides, the unique website visitors chart is also showing good consistency which is gonna have massive jumps when the starter pack sale starts and other mechanisms will start to reveal. Like I don't collect rewards each hour which can be collected 3/4 times a day what I do. But later the scenario will change for sure.

The latest news that we have is the HoloZing Starting packs are coming soon, so get ready for a lot of new HoloZing discoveries and adventures. There will be numerous kinds of NFTs in the starter packs except the core starter creature. The pack will contain healing gloves, capture devices, capture ammo, a backpack, a mount, and empty alpha cards.

All of these assets can be traded over the internal market and you can learn the basic requirements as there are some unique mechanisms which is different from the games like Splinterlands where the direct sale of assets is very easy and also there are soulbound cards that are not possible to transfer. Same like, here you will face the account bound mechanism which should be considered before trading.

Even though the crypto world can be very unstable at times, I think HoloZing is taking us straight to Awesome Town. No matter how experienced you are as a Zing boss or how new you are to the game, put on your virtual boots and join the journey! My advice for newcomers is not to forget that investment is a trip, not a race which needs patience to grab the best profit. Also, remember to always be smart and study things before you buy! Adventurer, this is only the start of your HoloZing journey

Whatever the strategy is, I want to proceed with a focused and precise estimate of everything critical for investing in various initiatives. I will never invest more money than I can afford to lose. I'm thrilled to be a part of this wonderful experience, and I welcome everyone to join me in exploring the possibilities of Holozing. We can work together to build a vibrant and profitable gaming community and participate in something really special.

Why are you delaying? Begin earning rewards by delegating your HP to @zingtoken and staking your ZING tokens right now! My personal achievement of staking 11000 ZING tokens illustrates my belief in the future of HoloZing. I welcome you to add your own tales of your Holozing experiences and let's work together to make this incredible community even better.

So, what is your plan regarding Holozing? What are your thoughts about the future aspects? Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or info about my thoughts. Please let us know in the comments; it will help us in our mutual growth. Thank you for your time and attention.
Have a nice day.

For further information about Holozing, you can visit the following links-

Official Website - https://holozing.com/

Hive account - https://peakd.com/@holozing

Delegation account - https://peakd.com/@zingtoken

Twitter/X account - https://twitter.com/holozing

Whitepaper - https://whitepaper.holozing.com/

All the images produced by me with the available resources of the Holozing game.


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