HoloZing: Regular updates and beyonds

Hello my dear Hive fellows, hope you are doing well and enjoying each day with your complete engagement. As we the hive community already know that the Hive Blockchain is a leader in the area of blockchain-based games. Holozing is a brand-new game on the Hive blockchain. It is one of the newest games on the Hive blockchain. It's a role-playing game that breaks new ground and has quickly gained a lot of community interest. A lot of people are interested in this role-playing game right away because it's different. Hive users are interested in it since it has a unique idea and gives out tokens more fairly than any other Hive blockchain game. People in the community get ZING tokens, which are used in games, without having to pre-sale or mine them first. ZING token is growing faster than any other project. Even though it's still very new, it's been pretty good at getting people interested.

There are a lot of different uses for Hive blockchain, and new great projects are added every day and Holozing is a monster-catching role-playing game built on the strong Hive blockchain. It is just another great chance for the community. This game is like the Pokemon game in that it has the thrill of old-school monster-catching games with a modern twist. The game also has a fun community, which is great for any new project because the Hive community is known for its strong support and active participation.

Being a new game, Holozing is developing very smoothly with its updates. The community is always well-informed about the stages the developers are working and there are detailed explanations of every inch of the game which is amazing. In the game Holozing, players can enjoy an interesting role-playing game set in a future world where they can catch and train NFT pets. These virtual friends have amazing skills and are very important to players' plans as they go through the game's tricky puzzles and fights. Also, there are so many kinds of assets for playing the games and the developer team is always updating the stats and the beautiful designs of those NFTs. Also, players need to learn so many tricks and strategies to do well in the game which is the potentially true essence of the game instead of the dominance of stronger NFTs from the whales.

In a recent post, they introduced the Healing Gloves and Capture Device & Ammos which look beautiful. The Healing Gloves is used in order to be able to heal pet animals with magic. Spells that heal cost Mana and can be used in or out of fight. Power is a resource like RC power we have here on Hive. Unless you are in fight, it will always be regenerating based on your healer's stats. The Alpha Starter Healing Gloves will be different in another way: they will be account-bound items instead of soul-bound things. This means that even after your healer has reached a higher level and found better-statted rarer gloves, you can still use the starter gloves on other healers you want to level up or play with at lower levels.

The capturing device looks like a gun. In future crafts and starting sales, it may come in different styles and sizes, but the one that comes with the Alpha starting sale is a simple pistol with a similar theme. This device will not be limited to any class; all classes will be able to use it. Luck is the number that most of you will care about when you get a Capturing Device. In the future, luck will change how often you capture and how other parts of the game work.

The Device needs power to work, and an ammo clip is needed to use it. There is a Card box on top of the Device where you can put empty catching cards when you want to catch creatures. When you capture an animal, the Device shoots a laser beam and Liquid Laser ammo runs out. If you're successful, the monster will appear on the card and its exact stats will be shown.

Isn't it awesome to explore the amazing journey with Holozing? The aspiring thing about the game is the realistic roadmap which is not overly explained and on a regular basis, the updates are posted in the community blogs which is really a positive sign for the game from the early stage. HoloZing's future roadmap shows a detailed plan for how the game will grow and improve over time. The plan has important checkpoints like

  • In Q1 of 2024, the full game comes out

  • Beginning of new biomes and animals in Q2 2024

  • In Q3 of 2024, the guild system is put into place

  • In Q4 2024, more blockchain networks will be added.

So I am preparing a solid plan for the evolution of the game and participation. Whatever the plan is I am going with the focused and concrete calculation of everything that is very important for investing in some projects. I will never be going to invest more than I can afford to lose. I'm very excited to be a part of this incredible adventure and invite everyone to explore the potential of Holozing with me. We can create a lively and successful gaming community together and take part in something really unique.

Why do you wait? Start earning rewards now by delegating your HP to @zingtoken, and staking your ZING tokens! My own accomplishment of staking 12,000 ZING tokens demonstrates my faith in HoloZing's future. I invite you to contribute your own accounts of your Holozing adventures, and together, let's build this amazing community a greater one.

So, what is your plan regarding Holozing? What are your thoughts about the future aspects, let us know in the comments. If you have any questions or info about my thoughts. please let us know in the comments, it will help us in mutual growth. Thank you for your time and attention.
Have a nice day.

For further information about Holozing, you can visit the following links-

Official Website - https://holozing.com/

Hive account - https://peakd.com/@holozing

Delegation account - https://peakd.com/@zingtoken

Twitter/X account - https://twitter.com/holozing

Whitepaper - https://whitepaper.holozing.com/

All the images produced by me with the available resources of the Holozing game.



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