Why I am still positive with the HoloZing after 19K staking

Hello, my dear Hive fellows. I hope you are doing well and enjoying each day with your complete engagement. As we, the hive community, already know, the Hive Blockchain is a leader in blockchain-based games. Holozing is one of the newest games on the Hive blockchain. It's a role-playing game that breaks new ground and has quickly gained a lot of community interest. The Hive community is interested in it because it has a unique idea and gives out tokens in a fairer way than any other games in the Hive blockchain. The in-game currency, ZING token, is distributed to the community without any pre-sale or pre-mined situation, depending on the individual's contribution. Our hive community has already accepted it as a massively impactful game in the Hive blockchain.

The Holozing Community has already gained the 2nd position in the trending list in the Hive blogs which is a great achievement. People have been entering the Holozing Community with so much interest since it started, and many fun things are going on here. Beautiful fanarts are being published by creators from all over the earth which resembles the greater interest and solid potential of the project. This shows that the community is growing with the help of its users and keeping itself going very fast in the Hive blockchain.

ZING coin is the in-game money, is growing quickly, and has got great interest from the Hive community. Though the price has dropped recently with the increasing rewards which have been piled up for a long time. ZING's price stability is far better than I had anticipated and I am very positive about the holding capability of the price with the immense selling pressure. Also, the price is gonna be more stable as the POSH rewards have already gone pulling the overall circulation of the token to the lower rate. But the liquidity pools are still crucial as the price could have instability which can trigger a pressure of removal of the liquid ZING in the market.

Staking has grown in popularity as a passive income stream for cryptocurrency investors. I'm pleased to have surpassed the 19K ZING token staking milestone in Holozing. Reaching that milestone is a major objective for me. As a cryptocurrency enthusiast, I'm constantly searching for great projects that provide a stronger opportunity to generate passive income through innovative and entertaining concepts like blockchain games. I originally became a fan of Holozing and its distinctive stake opportunities are going to make it another fantastic Hive blockchain game after the Splinterlands.

To prevent potential risks, I always select the most effective method for working on a project. I was a little bit slow on this one at first, but now that more people are working on it, I've picked up my speed. I studied Holozing's incentive structure in great detail before utilizing the ZING reward system. The game prizes are being enjoyed by those who began staking and taking all the rewarding options. I am now more confident with the 19K ZING staked which reflects my passion for the game. However, this was just the beginning of my Holozing adventure.

This is a significant number for me now that I'm not a whale and will have crossed 20,000 this month as my target. I want to get as many as possible before the packs go on sale. No matter the plan, I will have a focused and detailed look at everything necessary for spending on the projects. I will never risk more money than I can afford to lose. I'm thrilled to be a part of this wild adventure, and I ask everyone to join me as we discover what Holozing can do.

Buying more ZING is a pleasure on such dips that I have got recently and I have removed my liquidity pool as the percentage is going down and the uncertainty can make a great loss for the Hive balance. So, I am now completely focused on the delegation of HP to @zingtoken and grabbing the staking rewards regularly.
It is the best way to make the balance as high as possible through avoiding all the potential risks that can happen here.

As the crypto bull season is coming, there will be no more to see backward, already BTC has crossed the 50K mark and altcoins are preparing for their movement. So, this is the best time to be focused than the previous time. And HoloZing is a great opportunity to enter and be part of the future of the blockchain gaming industry. I am ready to ride the bull season this time without any backsteps in the coming days.

No matter the plan, I will have a focused and detailed look at everything necessary for spending on some projects. I will never risk more money than I can afford to lose. I'm thrilled to be a part of this wild adventure, and I ask everyone to join me as we discover what Holozing can do. Together, we can make a fun and thriving gaming community and do something extraordinary for us and Hive.

Why do you wait? Start earning rewards by delegating your HP to @zingtoken and staking your ZING tokens! My accomplishment of staking 19,000 ZING tokens demonstrates my faith in HoloZing's future. I invite you to contribute your accounts of your Holozing adventures, and together, let's build this fantastic community a greater one.

So, could you tell me what your plan is for Holozing? What do you think about the future? Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions or info about my thoughts. Please let us know in the comments, it will help us in mutual growth. Thank you for your time and attention.
I hope you have a nice day.

For further information about Holozing, you can visit the following links-

Official Website - https://holozing.com/

Hive account - https://peakd.com/@holozing

Delegation account - https://peakd.com/@zingtoken

Twitter/X account - https://twitter.com/holozing

Whitepaper - https://whitepaper.holozing.com/

All the images I produced with the available resources of the Holozing game.



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