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Holozing Web3 Game: Musings on the Fun, Creativity, Work, Wealth, 11k ZING Stake

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KEY FACT: There's a bunch of wealth within the Holozing game but it'll require some patience and commitment. It's not a give-away gaming hub, but a place to learn, work, contribute, and craft, before earning.

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Holozing Game: The Fun, Work & Creativity

HoloZing is a Web3-enabled collectible game where players can catch, train and battle using creatures. Modelling after Pokémon and World of Warcraft, Holozing is designed to give players a sense of accomplishment, competitiveness, smart incentives, and an ever-growing and evolving ecosystem that allows for cross-compatibility of in-game assets.

The game is also designed for a player to seamlessly share the value they generate with other participating players. In a recent update on items, @Acidyo did justice to give a peek at how interactions among players are organically designed into the gameplay.

after a mention of professions and the possibility of "crafting" in that post, I was curious about learning more on the subject which led me to the game's whitepaper. This document highlights Professions as a big part of the game’s economy in terms of allowing players to craft items players can use in-game and outside of battles.

There will be a wide variety of professions to choose from and level up.
These include crafting professions such as Cooking, Alchemy, Engineering, and Forging, or gathering professions like Botany, Mining, Scavanging, and more. For many players, professions will be necessary to progress in the game or to trade your way into gear upgrades, enchantments, and other cool items... We have also planned a passive way to earn gathering materials while offline to help discourage bots and farmers - Source.

Being a game trying to bring the future, say, 2040s into today, the game is aimed at creating a global gaming network where players take on the role of a futuristic gamer who uses the proprietary Holo-Lens device to access the HoloZing world, engage with the either player via battle, gain fame and glory in esports leagues, and more.

Since payers are not given much information about the monsters they are to encounter, players are then expected to be cognitively active in making decisions while the battle ensues. It takes some depth of carefulness and skills in research to unravel patterns and a pool of activities that will lead to success.

Holozing Game: The Wealth Within

Within the web3world, incentivization of activities is the norm. Holozing is not left behind. However, what makes Holozing stand out is the keen quest to provide a level playground for all players now and in the future. Super precedence is set by noninclusion of the team allocation, founder’s share, or pre-mine assets in the assets economy. The game is funded by players and the community who are heavily rewarded for their contributions.

Paying Hive Power contributors 30% (3x of what is attainable by default) to be able to generate funds for the game building is a novel model that looks quite sustainable and I hope would be dubbed by many Hive communities. Thus, while the game is yet to start, the community is already growing robustly, contributing value to the team.

Reaching a record 1.2k active subscribers and 421 active users is a big win for the game. Tons of posts are being generated and rewarded to the tune of $3447 in just a few months. This is a success worth emulating in the game development world.

Since the game’s economy and assets are backed by the robust Hive blockchain and ecosystem, the two gaming possibilities of play-to-earn and play-to-own mechanics are made available.

My 11k ZING Stake Milestone

Understanding the prospect of the Holozing game would make any game lover to position well to share in the benefits that would be unveiled. Time and again, the game's founder has mentioned his drive for sustainability of the game's economy while also reducing boring and farming of rewards. This is what informs the inclusion of an offline passive earning and gathering of materials.

Sitting on an 11k $ZING token stake is a good move for me as I want to keep it gradual and organic. I hope that 50k can be reached before the game's asset leaves the present price range. I celebrate this milestone as a big win and look forward to something bigger. reading the milestone would not have been possible but for the early delegation of Hive Power (HP).

Delegating HP to the game's development presently attracts a reward of 23.7% APR. That's decent! Staking $ZING token also attracts a higher APR of 30%. I'll be glad to keep supporting this project and marketing it to all that I think need it.

There's a bunch of wealth within the Holozing game but it'll require some patience and commitment. It's not a give-away gaming hub, but a place to learn, work, contribute, and craft, before earning.

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