Building My Zing Token Empire Journey to 6,000 Staked Tokens

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Since the announcement of the holozing game, I've been thrilled and excited about the news because reading the whitepaper brought me to the realization that I've finally seen an adventure game with some actions that I could indulge in, unlike most other blockchain games I found boring because there was little or no account. I invested my hive power into the project with the possibility of earning the token, and today I'm glad to tell you I've crossed over 6,000 zing tokens staked in my hive-engine wallet.

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It was just like yesterday, when I realized late about the game and all that it entails. Although I was kind of disappointed when I realized several weeks had passed before I knew about the project, rather than dwell on that, I quickly did my research to find out all I could know about the game, and after reading and seeing that it's a good project that aligns with my plan, I decided to indulge in some of the avenues to earn the zing token.

The zing token is the currency of the holozing game, and from my findings, it's most definitely going to be what would be the in-game currency. Since I've got a long-term goal for the game, I decided to go all in as much as possible so I could buy delegation 2000 hive power out of my entire hive power, and that has yielded me great interest over the months.


Because as we speak, I now have over 6,000 zing tokens in my hive-engine wallet. This is wonderful news for me and a highlight of how far I've come this year in the holozing game. I'm hoping that the coming year will even bring more great and wonderful improvements to my zing tokens and my investment in the game generally.

I did earn most of the 6,000 tokens from the 2k HP I delegated to the holozing account, while others were earned via the posh token that I've got in my account. It's so wonderful to know that there are multiple ways to earn the zing token, and that's not forgetting that the more my stake increases, the more I'll keep earning zing tokens as a reward for staking it.

The one I love most about all of this is the liquidity pool aspect of acquiring the zing token. This game project is what helped me learn and understand how the liquidity pool works on the hive blockchain, and I'm grateful that the holozing game had such a wonderful impact on me because I've now, via this, indulged in other tokens to put them in the liquidity pool.


This December season, where the holozing game decided to give us a bonus every time we calin zing this month, things started well and were going fine until after we vacated at my place of work and missed several days due to the fact that I was traveling from one place to another. I guess I missed about 4 to 5 days where I didn't claim the bonus token available for us this month of December.

Well, today is the last day, and I'd love to say thank you to the team for this December bonus. We're grateful and look forward to more dealing together in the near future.

Before I bring this write-up to a close, I read one of Acidyo's posts a few days ago and learned that there's a new way to earn the zing token, and that's through the traditional way we used Posh to promote our hive content on Web 2, but as the Twitter team is acting up, Acidyo has moved the Posh project to Reddit, and on my path today, I'll definitely be the first of many times I'll be sharing my hive content link on Reddit moving forward.

In case you don't know about this, then I'll suggest you read this Acidyo postfor more information. That's about it for now. Thanks so much for your time.

And on this note, I'll draw a conclusion to my Holozing Game and Zing Token Reflection Journey for the year 2023. Till 2023 again, do have a wonderful night's rest and a happy New Year in advance.

All photos are screenshot from the Holozing website, while thumbnail was designed on canva.


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Thanks so much, I'm glad I made it through the month and the entire year.

Hoping to continue same in this new year.

Happy New year and have a productive new year ahead.

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This is a lot and I must congratulate you having 6k $Zing token
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Happy new year!

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Happy New year

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