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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

The new game that is currently on the hive is the Holozing game and every member of the hive community is eager to participate in the holozing game. I am getting reward. I am getting around 60 Zing token daily as reward.

I am eager to stake as many zing tokens as possible before the launch of this game because the use of zing tokens will play an important role in the game.

I am sure that we will be able to buy many game assets with zing token and I think that in the coming days this game will achieve a lot of success like splinterlands.

Today is 4th December 2023 and today I have claimed a reward of 69.250 zing token. All hive community can earn zing token reward in different ways.

You can see that today I got 69 zing coin. I got all these tokens from posh token staking. I currently have a total balance of 1,334 posh tokens and I get 216% APR daily base reward so this is a huge reward that I am getting.

So the daily Zing coin I get is my staked and I get 79% APR reward on Zing coin staking and it is very good reward. I will say that Holozing team is increasing the assets of Holozing community in every way and in coming days Zing reward will be difficult to get high APR.

So this is the best time to get more zing by buying posh token and zing token. can get reward.

i am again very lucky and feeling proud that in Top Contributors
list , my name is at 209, i want to bring my name at under 100 Top Contributors, now my next target is that i will delegate my HP to hologzing community and then i will be able to earn more zing daily coin,

becasue there are many option to earn zing token, so i can earn from delegating my HP to holozing community account, i can earn from staking the posh token, i can earn from staking the zing token, i can earn if i provide Liquidity to Liquidity Pool. so there are many way to earn zing token.

i will say to all HP holder that if you want to join and want to earn zing coin then there is best time now to earn zing coint that will be very much useful in future.

now here December Bonus Rewards for every one, if you will claim daily your zing token then you can make your name in list of December Bonus Rewards earner , so i started my claiming reward , so now i am trying my to claim my reward daily, so i want to avail opportunity of December Bonus Rewards , so every day is win win day for zing community holozing community. soon i will bring more updates related my acctivities on holozing , and about my reward, so i am really very much excited to make my best collection in zing coin, and i am very much excited to play holozing game.


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Hi, excellent farming with the zing token of this new game, I hope to play it soon, nice post.👍👍👍

Sir can play on mobile phone?
Plz guide me