Holozing Curation Compilation #59

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Authored by @kstreet

Holozing Curation Compilation #60

Welcome to the 60th issue of Holozing Curation Compilation!

Hello everyone! This is the 60th compilation post of the Holozing Curation initiative.

This is our curation effort that aims to curate posts that are shared in the Holozing community. These posts highlighted are the finest content that our Holozing curators submit for curation. We also encourage you to visit these blogs and show these great Holozingers your support and encouragement. Engagement is what makes the community thrive, so we hope that you are taking the time to visit each other's posts.

Author: @mario02
Curator: @ybanezkim26

Water Whale - Holozing Fan-Art! [ENG/ESP]

Welcome everyone to a new post from me in this amazing community. This time I want to share with you all a new Fan-Art, this time it's Water Whale a cool and adorable whale from @holozing which made my day a little more fun today. Soon I will show you the process I followed to make this illustration, I hope you like my version and thanks for stopping by!

Author: @solumviz
Curator: @kstreet

Miu Miu x Water Healer, a new Holozing fanart!

Hello guys, I'm back with a new art to share. I decided to draw Miu Miu with Water healer this week. I was wondering what type was Miu Miu and was later found that it's normal type so you can pretty much couple it with any healer so I decided to draw male water healer. I really the character design of male version because of his badass wavy hairstyle and that's why I decided to draw him this week. I made it a bit more detailed this time especially his jacket. I really had fun rendering it.

Author: @mrarhat
Curator: @kstreet

Infurnal Fanart

Hello everyone . what's up . @holozing The unique type of names selected for the animals in the game. Earlier I made art for two animals from the @holozing game. This time I made another art this is of Infurnal. And Infurnal is a fire type creature. which evolved from Infurno. And this I found out from this post link.

Author: @emilydbr
Curator: @kstreet

Holozing FanArt | Blue fire wolf🔥

I haven't drawn for a while, but sometimes inspiration kind of goes away, so if you don't have a muse, nothing suits you.

Author: @catrynart
Curator: @kstreet


Male "Light Healer" | Healer Traits Contest #Holozing 💙

Hello Holozing friends! Welcome! I wish you a very happy night!😊👋❤️💕

Author: @aularjavier
Curator: @kstreet

Dibujando a Walle (Holozing Game) 🐋 ESP-ENG

Hi friends I hope you are super well, I am very happy to be once again with everyone and share a little more of my drawings with you, today I drew a fanart of Walle, a character from the game Holozing pretty cool, I am really in love with the new designs that the developers of the game presented and that inspires me a lot to draw.

Author: @agbogo
Curator: @ybanezkim26

MIU MIU Fanart Using Beads And Fishing Line

Holozing has continued to make a growth through out the world with a very big expectation that the game will change every virtual games. I believe that the @holozing will be making a very bigger name and history the time the launching of the game will take over. I have always have it in mind that this is the best time to hold more holozing token because the launching will take to token to bigger value.

Author: @big.whale
Curator: @ybanezkim26

Drawing a grass racoon character on a T-shirt 🦡

Hi hello all my friends, how are you this Wednesday? I hope you all have a beautiful day and stay enthusiastic about all the activities you are doing.

Author: @raven04
Curator: @ybanezkim26

I captured Wrackdoom in a beautiful painting!💚 | Artwork

Hiii, happy day to all, I hope you are having a great time! today was quite a productive day for me, since I had enough time to do several things, one of them was this nice frame with a drawing of Wrackdoom from the amazing world of HoloZing, I was very excited to make this character because I really like his design and colors, at first I wanted to just make a drawing but as I was drawing it my mind was filled with ideas, so I ended up making a beautiful picture for my room, I hope you like the result.💚

Author: @aries12
Curator: @ybanezkim26

Contest | Alpha Starter Creature Evolutions

come back with me on this occasion I will participate again in this beloved community where on this occasion I will take a moment, namely a contest held by this beloved community which I understand directly via the @holozong account where the latest news is always displayed on this account, therefore I invite all my beloved friends to this community, don't forget to follow and continue to collect what's new in this community.

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Hi @ybanezkim26 and @zingtoken

Thank you very much for visiting and support, hopefully I can always make works here

I am thankful for supporting what I do! I am very happy to be part of this project! Thank you @kstreet and @Holozing team and of course @zingcontent for your mention 🥰👏🏼😊🎨🤗 thanks so, a big hello to all and keep up the amazing journey! Congratulations to all! 👏🏼😉😘

Again I am very grateful for your support to the whole community, and to the great artists that are here, it is the place where I have seen more art talent and it feels good to see how you support us both monetarily and with nice comments, thank you very much!💚

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