New LightHive release: 0.2.5

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Lighthive documentation

A new version of Lighthive is pushed to the Python package index with the tag 0.2.5. As usual, pip install lighthive --upgrade is enough to get the latest version.

The biggest change in this release is an HF24 check for the default chain ID. This is a temporary (nothing is temporary) measure to make sure the HF24 takes place seamlessly.

As it can be observed in the PR, the check happens in the instantiation time of the Client object, so every instance means an extra call to database_api.get_versionuntil this temporary check removed. This makes instances expensive, so, be careful if you're spamming Client instances in your codebase.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 03.58.48.png

Also worth noting that the documentation is updated1, 2, thanks to contributions by @crokkon and @lukmarcus. 🍺
*Update: I've updated the logic to auto switch. It's more robust. Just make sure you have at least 0.2.5..


Sometimes you do some good work. :)

Thanks. :) don't think this one is worth praise though. Small update.

It looks interesting

outstanding job, salute

Great to see these new Innovations.

Excelente información.. Gracias...

I'm new to this package. I'll check it out on python 3. It should be there. I'm a python fan. Just made an article to help beginners and intermediate learn more about python and how they can build on Algorand blockchain. I break it down to understandable form.

Algorand blockchain? :thinking:

Any concern? Please let me know.