Cloud - My Love and Fear

in Love The Clouds2 months ago

Yesterday all attention just went outside the door above the sky by the sound of thunder. As much as I love watching clouds with different shapes, and colors, with sunny days and a little dark, I fear to hear thundering.


However, I went to my balcony with a camera and clicked a few shorts. Today it is sunny at the same time cloudy day.


I used to go to school which was 2 miles away from home. In the mountains, the weather changes quickly. Most of our predictions around the weather seem to fail as in the morning we do not carry an umbrella as the sky looks clear, and while coming back home we run and make sure books are safe.


I used to be scared when it used to be dark due to clouds. I used to wish for rain without clouds. They are beautiful at he same time scared me when I used to be a child.



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Waah konsa jaadu lgau esme 😹

इसको रंगीन जादू कनसिडर कर लो

yo ... do that

Vo to baut high level hojayega

peeelaaa jaduuuuu

Hmm Peela jadu is best 😁😹