Love The Clouds: In Autumn

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Hello cloud lovers! ☁️ 😎

I don't check in very often in this community, my last post here was 4 months ago. Not because I didn't want to, but I just didn't take enough photos of the clouds to be happy and to publish them.
This is my first post for the Love The Clouds Contest! It's #159 in a row.

I love the clouds, they give me a kind of freedom of movement with their changing structure. Especially when it's blowing and sunny and a couple of times the situation in the sky changes completely.
But tell me, who, apart from professional photographers who do it on purpose, can afford to spend an hour shooting clouds? I, unfortunately, can't :(
Well, anyway, I have some photos that I find interesting and maybe you will too.

I'll start with this one, taken through the car window on the way home from work. Red traffic lights. Route: Postojna - Pivka motorway, Slovenia, EU.

Usually, when I see something like this, I can expect rain.

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

A few minutes and a few kilometers further on, I assume, because of the wind, the situation in the sky changed.

A large, dark cloud broke into smaller white pieces. If you had tried harder, you would have seen spaceships of different shapes. An alien landing? Well, whatever, just don't let it rain :)

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

And next photo is something completely different.
It is a view, in fact, I could say it's a panorama, from one of the hills of Rome towards the Vatican.
It was still quite cloudy, not windy at all, and after about two hours it was really raining.

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

I'm back in Slovenia :)
Regional road Pivka - Ilirska Bistrica, afternoon, cloudy, rain in the distance, not here yet.

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

And finally, one more evening photo. It's five o'clock in the afternoon and I'm driving home from work.
The part of the day when it starts to get dark and the sun sets behind the clouds.

Thank you for your attention.

☁️ 📷 😎 📷 ☁️

Stay Healthy!

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I didn't know about the contest, I'm going to take a look at it, have a happy day.


Thanks. have a happy day, too! :)
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Some of my favorite types of clouds, fluffy and even. And no nasty contrails... or are they chemtrails. Haven't figured that one out yet, cough cough.

No chemtrails here, for sure. But I have some photos, maybe I'll post them somewhere. Have a nice day.

You sure got a lovely cloud photos to post.
Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome!
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Alright dear

Awesome photography, the clouds are beautiful and lovely.

Very nice words from you, thank you very much.
Valentines Day Love GIF

You're welcome

These are great photos of the clouds. They look awesome. Goodluck in the contest too.

Stunning pictures of the clouds. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for stopping by. 👏😎

All awesome pics, but I think the one that stands out most is the first, with the traffic lights!

Yes, I think so, that's the reason I put it first. 😎

Great cloud captures! I love a good cloud shot!

Yes very beautiful most of beautiful blue sky and the new tall buildings in tall trees around to block it it looked very nice

Thanks for pizza! !BEER

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This looks beautiful beyond comprehension

Thank you very much.
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You are welcome anytime friend

Such a Lovely Weather and formation of Clouds!

Nice one seck!

These are lovely clouds. Is there such a thing as a bad cloud?

No, I think. 😎
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Some awesome cloud pictures @seckorama
have the best day
@mypathtofire nominated you for a prize in the draw

Cool. That's a nice surprise! Thanks @mypathtofire
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You are welcome

You captured wonderful interesting clouds. ☁️ I especially liked the third photo and last three.

Thank you. Should I post them to LIL? 🤔

Yes, I think so. They would be useful for adding backgrounds for collages.

You captured them perfectly!

Thank you, glad you like them :) !CTP

I must say your cloud gallery photos are quite captivating especially the evening view

You visited the community 4 months ago, little wonder I've been feeling that this family of cloud lovers are incomplete, promise me you'll be here more often

♥️Lots of cloudy love from @pearlie123♥️