'Love The Clouds' Finalists? #101

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Hello Hivers!

Thank you so much for the fantastic entries to the #LoveTheClouds contest! Now it's your turn to pick the finalists...


How do I vote for my favorite finalists?


  • From the beginning of this post, there is only a 48 hour time window for choosing the finalists (so the next contest can start sooner)
  • Every community member (again, not just participants in the contest) has 3 votes
  • You can vote for yourself (if you made an entry)
  • You may not vote on an entry twice
  • Post your picks in the comment section of this post
    • You may post the user name (with or without @). For example:

=> These are all valid ways to write your finalists. Essentially, just make it clear for whom you vote :)


How large is the prize pool?


The prize pool is 10.32 Hive and every finalist will get 3.44 Hive



>>>Here are the entries for the LTC #101<<<

And thanks so much for supporting this contest and showing your love for clouds! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™β›…




Check out the Love The Clouds Community if you share the love for clouds!



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Good luck LTC participants!


Thank you so much @ninahaskin, Have A Nice Day! cheers, ainie😊

You're welcome! Good luck in the contest!🀞

Thank you! Hope you have a fantastic day as well! @ainie.kashifπŸ’«

Hello @ninahaskin, I really appreciate your support, your appreciation

Thank you very much @ninahaskin!

You're welcome! @sayagoπŸ‘Œ

thank you !

Thank you @bigsambucca πŸ‘

Thank you so much @bigsambucca and Have A Nice Day! cheers, ainie

We have so many great entries this week i wish i could vote all of them ...but here goes my votes..




Thanks Max @kohsamui99, your beautiful clouds deserve a haiku from me. Have A Nice Day, cheers, ainie

A Happy Blue Sky Day
Feel the Ocean Breeze
Such Mesmerizing Colors
Sea of Cotton Clouds

Thank you @ainie.kashif your so sweet don't forget to give the clouds a vote back πŸ˜‡

Love your little Haiku , have a lovely day πŸ˜‡

Oh you know I used to make lots of haikus when I started to blog, sadly the friend who taught me how to write Haiku had left the platform. Anyway, I would write Haiku occasionally and always remembered him and those good days we always supported each other just like how we are doing it now. In a good way, you reminded me of him. I wish him all the best wherever he is now. I am happy to now meet clouds of beautiful people again in HIVE, cheers, ainie

That is nice to know that you had a good teacher , Haiku do come in handy on many occasions and i am happy to see you continue these doing these Haiku it gets the mind active and happy that i can inspire you to keep this up πŸ‘

Hello @kohsamui99, thank you for your thanks and support. Many blessings. Greetings and success.

My pleasure @mirla33 you have a great day and God bless πŸ™

Hi @tobetada here are the cloud photos I like best


Hi there @jadung, i really appreciate your support. Thank you.

thanks for the vote @jadung

@tobetada gracias hermoso espacio. Voto por mis finalistas favoritos:

Gracias por el apoyo querida @sacra97!

My dear and appreciated @sacra97 very thank you for your appreciation.

Hola amigos!
Les dejo mis votos:

Gracias por el apoyo @esthersanchez

Hi @tobetada, my finalists I mention them below:

  1. @adinapoli
  2. @kohsamui99
  3. @mirla33

Thank you @sayago πŸ‘

Thank you very much friend @sayago for your valuable support. hug

Thanks @london65. Gracias muy amable por el apoyo.

Hi, @allyson19
Thank you very much!
Happy day!

Thank you very much for your support @allyson19

Mi voto para:

Hermoso espacio, @tobetada. Saludos

MuchΓ­simas gracias @aurodivys!!

Hello dear friend @tobetada good afternoon
these are my chosen ones
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

MuchΓ­simas gracias @jlufer!

Thank you @jlufer πŸ‘

Thank you my dear [email protected] for your vote, for your support. Thank you, big hug

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Hi @tobetada, how are you? I hope you are doing well and steady. Here's my vote for this week's entry and Have A Nice Day all! cheers, ainie

Thanks for completing the mission Agent 99 πŸ˜† ( @ainie.kashif )

lol, mission accomplished once again, good teamwork agent Max :D (p/s I must learn to insert emojis)

Thank you Agent 99 on to the next mission that is working out how to get them emojis happening πŸ˜†πŸš€

Why do you not switch to using @ecency they have so many more benefits and have the emojis πŸ‘

Hi Max, I have switched to @ecency and you are right, it gives such a pleasurable experience 😁. Thank you so much for informing me about this, I know you have informed me before and I am the one who is so slow😁

Ahhhhh....so happy you made the switch to @ecency you will find it a lot easier with many more options and can even have fun with your emojis...haha πŸ˜†

If you need any help with anything i will try and help if i can but if can not the @ecency team is very helpful πŸ‘ @good-karma is the man to contact for any problems that i will not be able to help you with.

If any suggestions or issues, feel free to tag me (@ecency) or join our https://discord.me/ecency πŸ€—

Thank you @ ainie.kashif for your support. regards

Looks like a great contest must look at joining in i do like these clouds !!




Thank you @mirla33 much appreciated πŸ˜‡

congratulations to the finalists. there were lots of great entries and the ones that won definitely deserve the recognition. however i must say there is something suspicious with the voting system. if only members can vote and also members can vote for their own entry this puts all entries from people who are not members at a disadvantage. first, because nonmembers are not allowed to vote they obviously cannot vote for themselves. second, this system has an inherent incentive over time for participating members to vote for each other, i'll vote for you if you vote for me. there is nothing to prevent the criteria for the choice of to be based on the name of the participant rather than the entry. itself. please do not misinterpret this comment to mean that i think my post should have won. i do not.
but if the community wants to grow by attracting new members then it would be wise to reconsider the fairness of the voting system. please comment, especially if i have misunderstood anything

Thank you @hangin πŸ‘

Thank you @hangin for your appreciation. regards

thanks for the vote @hangin