Sunset Sights from the Kommetjie Boat slipway.

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Last week I took my daughter for her first driving lesson in a little carpark right at the beach.

The benefits of driving lessons in the late aftercare some incredible sunset views over the bay.


This particular evening was even more beautiful than usual as the winter skies have been putting on a show for us lately.



The municipality has added some very creative benches to the slipway area for our community to enjoy the views of the bay.




Why would anyone want to miss out on this?



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I caught your daughters driving lesson on your last post. Our most recent airbnb host was from SA, and the accent was spot on, I couldn't get enough of it, lol. Hope she doesn't give you a heart attack!

Oh my Lord I need a physio or a chiropractor to deal with my painful shoulders 😂. Glad my accent amuses you!

Wow! you are very talented for photography! and very kind of you to teach your daughter how to drive, it takes a lot of patience, more if it is synchronous

Oh thank you! Yes the driving is taking patience but she’s doing pretty well. Glad you liked the photos.