#WAXHolidaysCalendar December Giveaways + DEC 2 AMA TRAIN IN THE METAVERSE

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December is here, and with it comes celebration and gifts!🎁❄️

Thanks to @maxytv who gathered together a load of projects for #WAXHolidaysCalendar, December 2023 is packed with a new giveaway or free drop every single day!
🗓️Simply go here daily to open the door and access each new goodie: maxylab.com/wax-holidays

✨🛡️DECEMBER 2 - ConsumerBreak's giveaway lets you EARN a free Common Holiday Badge NFT, and enter to win a Rare Holiday Badge or Epic Holiday Badge! December 27 will have the same for the NFTOPIA Holiday Badge.

🧩There is also a puzzle game for the month of December on ConsumerBreak featuring this event where you can earn another Holiday Badge AND enter to win 40+ WAX NFTs from a collab prize pool!
🎟️Additionally, enter the ConsumerBreak Holiday Social Giveaway for another prize pool of 80 NFTs and see the prize list here: bblk.io/z3Nt


🎉For the ConsumerBreak and NFTOPIA days on December 2nd and 27, I will be Twitch streaming a train of interviews while we hang out in @thenftopia metaverse! Come for an engaging deep dive into various Web3 gaming and art NFT projects while entering stream giveaways all along the way!
... and if you prefer to receive winnings as delegated HP for a week instead of WAX NFTs... you can just input your HIVE username when entering on stream!

📺 Watch at twitch.tv/consumerbreak
💻Enter the metaverse from a web browser on PC/mobile/VR: bit.ly/nftopialite

3pEST (8pUTC) - 📲🧩 ConsumerBreak
CritterCraft Grubfish stream games, Pixygon Dreadwager stream games, ConsumerBreak puzzles, collab & giveaways overview!

4pEST (9pUTC) - 🐉🏰 Avalon the Game - avalongame.io
Avalon is the world's first multichain online multiplayer role-playing game (MMORPG) built in Unreal 5 engine and on the Polygon/WAX/Binance/IMX blockchains.

Set in a fantasy medieval kingdom, players utilize their NFTs to explore a world of danger and mystery while competing for cryptocurrency and rare NFT rewards. The game is built around both active play-to-earn and passive own-to-earn economies. Inspired by the legend of King Arthur and alternate history of Knights templar, this game challenges every player to undertake a thrilling adventure in their quest to ultimately claim their very own seat among the Knights of the Round Table. Along the way, players earn rewards (i.e. NFTs, in-game AVL tokens) by purchasing, renting, or securing resources as well as collaborating with NFT landowners to acquire and build in-game real estate.

4:30pEST (9:30pUTC) - 🛡️⚔️ Rada Quest - radaquest.net
Rada Quest TCG is a game that combines real-time strategy and card collecting. You can produce resources in your realm, power up your deck and earn exclusive rewards in events and quests.

5pEST (10pUTC) - 🏈🏀 NFTdraft - nftdraft.io
NFTDRAFT is the next-generation of fantasy sports! Acquire and collect cards, play season-long for free, and stand a chance to win from a weekly prize pool of 25,000 WAX. You can also rent out your cards, have others play on your behalf, and pocket 70% of their winnings!

5:30pEST (10:30pUTC) - 🌈⚡️ Jumbie Art - jumbieart.com
Jumbie Art is a collection of Spectral Art by the Visionary Spectral Artist, Jumbie. With over 15 years in service to the Art Community, Jumbie has been helping artists grow into the digital age with his application of color theory and light. We will go over how Spectral Art is made in After Effects including how the Epic Holiday Badge color effect was made, as well as take a quick video tour of Jumbie Art's Mother Ship studio!

6pEST (11pUTC) - 👽🖼️ ACK / TheMartian - ackconsortium.com
The Alien Consortium of Knowledge (ACK) is a community of individuals from different backgrounds who are united in their passion for decentralized,blockchain-based games. ACKALIENS is a PFP collection on WAX Blockchain, led by TheMartian who live streams games, giveaways and live Carribean landscape handmade art.

6:30pEST (11:30pUTC) - 📢OPEN FLOOR! Come screenshare and pitch your project!

For 1.5 years I have been collaborating with WAX projects, and as such I will continue writing about these awesome events. I would love to bring more HIVE users to WAX and vice versa so we can all grow together and merge communities! The two blockchains already work very well together as demonstrated by @cryptoshots.nft, @splinterlands and @fifthspatial 🎉

I also invite any HIVE project or blogger to collab with ConsumerBreak and do a live pitch AMA! 🎉 My stream schedule will start consisting of a monthly AMA Train of 5 projects with a 30min pitch/demo each. Come tell us about your brand and get in a group collab puzzle game at no cost, OR hire your own custom puzzle with more benefits! See more at ConsumerBreak.com/partners

For any HIVE users that are new to the WAX Blockchain:
Like HIVE, WAX is very efficient with instant, nearly free, carbon-neutral transactions. There is a plethora of WAX NFT projects from gaming to art, big and small, and there are free tools to create your own collection with drops, packs, blends, farms and more! If you would like to get started, create an account here and holler at me for a free wallet activation code! mycloudwallet.com

✨STAY TUNED for next week when another HIVE BLOCKCHAIN collab puzzle game & Givelab drops! Winners of the game that recently ended will be announced on Monday.


HIVEs are supposed to be filled with honey and WAX

Let's be busy bees and fill HIVE with WAX! 🎉

great giveaway

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