Spring Blossom: Let's Grow some Juicy Crops!!!

Hola Farmers! It's the Spring season and we need to plant some spring seeds. If you like farming then you can start playing Dcrops😍. ***Dcrops ***(https://www.dcrops.com/?ref=globetrottergcc) is a blockchain-based farming game built on Hive.

You need to log in with your Hive username. If you do not have a Hive account, you can create it for free, here:

Hive Account Creation

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First and foremost let's figure out which seeds are for the Spring season. Do we have any of them?

Seeds/Spring Season


Common Seeds: Broccoli & Kale
Rare Seeds: Cauliflower
Epic Seeds: Potato
Legendary Seeds: Strawberry

Like always, not lucky with legendary cards😍 we have all the other seeds available. Following are the statistics of the available seeds.

Broccoli/Common Seeds


Time Required: 5 days
Base Selling Price: 7 Share
Quantity Produced: 2
Special: No special abilities
Season: Sring

We have 10 broccoli seeds available in stock.

Kale/Common Seeds


Time Required: 6 days
Base Selling Price: 7 Share
Quantity Produced: 2
Special: No special abilities
Season: Spring

We have 15 kale seeds available in stock.

Cauliflower/Rare Seeds


Time Required: 10 days
Base Selling Price: 24 Share
Quantity Produced: 1
Special: No special abilities
Season: Spring

We have 11 cauliflower seeds available in stock.

Potato/Epic Seeds


Time Required: 7 days
Base Selling Price: 10 Share
Quantity Produced: 7
Special: +25% chance to get multiple crops on harvest
Season: Spring

We have only 02 potato seeds available in stock.

Farm land/Spring Season


We have planted all the available seeds. We'll wait and have these crops ready to harvest and sell the shares on market.

This is it for today's Farmers. I'll be sharing more. Thank you for reading & supporting me. Much appreciated your love.



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