🎸✨Rising Star Giveaway - win 1000 STARBITS (ends 2nd Dec)✨🎸

Hello All Music and Rising Star lovers,

Hope you all are doing good and setting new records in this game.


We got 15 participants for this giveaway and the tool has chosen:

***@c3r34lk1ll3r **

Congratulations on winning 1000 Starbits.

I used this tool to pick random user:

Rules of next giveaway participation :

  • Add a comment to this post if you want to participate.

  • Reblog and Upvote is not mandatory but would be appreciated as symbol of support.

  • Please follow me so that you don't miss the next giveaway.

  • Please remember to mention your HIVE user id in comment

I will choose a random user and giveaway 1000 Starbits.

If you are not playing the game and want to earn Starbits token, you can use my referral link

My current Stats:

Calling out our participants once again

@cflclosers, @jfang003, @lokywolf2295, @irisworld, @supriya.gupta, @alejoca, @lacandela, @kuronokenshi, @javiss, @gurseerat, @minus-pi, @cooperclub, @specialfeelings, @zonadigital21, @ochedi, @nirvanero, @kursen, @dubble, @imfarhad, @amaillo, @flr25, @trentonlundy1, @ricestrela, @mimismartypants, @yeckingo1, @shiftrox, @skorfew, @gangstalking, @reiell1, @btcsam, @esperosh1ve, @globetrottergcc, @silver-edge, @thaddeusprime, @tokutaro22, @trenloco, @wettini1975, @birdbeaksd, @zarwelius, @atifaman, @pelito, @rafasete, @tdctunes, @cryptoph0823, @oxidil, @ricestrela, @subidu, @banzafahra, @deraaa, @gabrielbit, @mcgilli, @rupinder, @servelle, @shonpol, @tawadak24, @xandrodash, @luizeba, @maurojd, @guurry123, @amaillo-m, @maurojd, @rupinder, @c3r34lk1ll3r, @firstborn.pob, @rayius, @mario02, @blitzzzz, @lordemmy, @phaeton, @rentaw03, @saimaali, @subwaysurfer, @swearingradio, @whickey


IMPORTANT: Only Starbits Millionaire cards issued by Rising Star will work with your account. DO NOT BUY THEM OFF THE MARKET if you plan to try and use it to run the Millionaire mission. If you have 1 million STARBITS on Hive Engine and would like a Millionaire card then contact us in Discord. Please read the Terms & Conditions (in the menu) before applying.



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count me in thanks

Don’t you hate it when someone answers their own questions?
I do.

Credit: marshmellowman
@harpreetjanda, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @c3r34lk1ll3r

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I haven't played this game but looks interesting

count me in



I want to continue participating. @mario02

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count me in please

please add my name in the draw, thanks

count me in @jfang003

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