A Burmese Famous Singers and Song and Playing in Rising Star Game...!

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Hello Blockchain Gaming Community.

I would like to share about Burmese singers and song and playing Rising Star Game.

The singer I'm going to talk about now is an artist who plays the guitar well at a young age. The singer's name is Nge Ngal Lay. She is the daughter of Myanmar's top guitarist. He is a scholar who is learning the guitar from his father.

Today, let me introduce you to one of the many songs he sang called Forever Lover. This song is a very good song to listen to. As a foreigner, it is a song that is sung together as the Burmese language. Let's listen to this song together.

The Lyrice of song is Forever Lover.

I love you

There is no limit

Try to believe this

My word of truth..

Don't think about it

The one I love is you

I'm not pretending

You are the love of my life forever

When you're by my side

I was naturally happy

The rhythm of the heartbeat

I don't know where I got to

By your side for the rest of your life

I want to stay forever

Because of these true words

Let me be close to you, my love

Don't leave me with regrets

Missing the time away

With fake eyes and smiles

I'm still healing..

A moment away from you

Not even for a second

Because of these true words

Let me be close to you, my love

Today, I finished 6 missions in Risingstar game.

NoNameComplete Mission
11Record A Demo1
13Local Mini Tour Support1
15Band Rehearsal1
19Make My Heart Race1
24Guitar Lesson1
28Drum Lesson1

Now I am playing Local Gig Circuit. The Mission is Local Mini Tour Support.

My game level is 120.
My Ego % is 0.
My Fans is 16349.
My luck is 4027.
My skill has 44681.
My IM has 346.
I owned totally card has 503 cards in.
My Total Missions are 4247.

So I sharing Total Mission below.

NoNameTotal Mission
1Illegal Busking248
2Open Mic Night358
3Mid Week Support200
4Licensed Busking23
5Midweek Headline Slot18
6Saturday Support14
7Saturday Headline86
8Radio Interview207
9Radio Studio Session160
10Shopping Mall Performance118
11Record A Demo29
12Local Festival Acoustic Tent111
13Local Mini Tour Support1058
14Band Auditions153
15Band Rehearsal199
16Egg Hunt3
17A Elfy Dose Of Christmas7
18Halloween 202337
19Make My Heart Race2
20Promote Fan Club41
21Record Signing94
22STARBITS Millionaire100
23Basic Singing Lesson360
24Guitar Lesson95
25Production Lesson164
26Orchestral Lesson42
27Piano Lesson110
28Drum Lesson156

Rising Star Game is my favorite PLAY-TO-EARN Blockchain Game.

see you next day.