A Burmese Famous Singers and Song and Playing in Rising Star Game...!

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Hello Blockchain Gaming Community.

I would like to share about Burmese singers and song and playing Rising Star Game.

Today, let me present a song by Ki Ki, a famous country singer, so that you can listen to it while having tea. Ki Ki is a singer who sings R & B songs. The song was so good that it became quite popular among fans.

This song has been with this singer for 10 years. The name of the song is called The one who spin. Ki Ki sang the song together with the famous singer Bunny Phyo. Let's listen together.

The Lyrice of song is The one who spin.

As you know, there is no more than you in my life

You don't spin me again, I really want to be angry

When you love so much that you don't always give up

lt was a mistake on my part

Don't commit sin

I really love it

Occasional problems

Every time I get angry, you look at me

Always with a design that is really going to cut

It's as if I didn't know that I was giving less

What are you thinking, girl?

I doubt and argue with you every day

Even though they are close to me, I am not strict

Lists you don't like from before

Cleared up

You know this, my love

why are you spin?

I continue to love you

But sometimes I get angry

You are the only one in me

I don't go out with other women

I have not lied to you until now

I do not believe this

What's the matter? Hey

Sometimes there will be children who go out

lt must be a little late at night

That's not to mess with girls

Rest assured, I don't do drugs at all

Removed from the head

It's not all of those things

Forget me far away

Throw away your doubts

Rest in peace and have a good night

Today, I finished 6 missions in Risingstar game.

NoNameComplete Mission
1Illegal Busking1
11Record A Demo1
13Local Mini Tour Support1
14Band Auditions1
21Record Signing1
24Guitar Lesson1

Now I am playing Music Lessons. The Mission is Orchestral Lesson.
My game level is 120.
My Ego % is 0.
My Fans is 18238.
My luck is 4027.
My skill has 44942.
My IM has 346.
I owned totally card has 504 cards in.
My Total Missions are 4275.

So I sharing Total Mission below.

NoNameTotal Mission
1Illegal Busking249
2Open Mic Night360
3Mid Week Support202
4Licensed Busking23
5Midweek Headline Slot18
6Saturday Support14
7Saturday Headline86
8Radio Interview208
9Radio Studio Session160
10Shopping Mall Performance118
11Record A Demo33
12Local Festival Acoustic Tent113
13Local Mini Tour Support1061
14Band Auditions156
15Band Rehearsal201
16Egg Hunt3
17A Elfy Dose Of Christmas7
18Halloween 202337
19Make My Heart Race3
20Promote Fan Club41
21Record Signing96
22STARBITS Millionaire100
23Basic Singing Lesson361
24Guitar Lesson96
25Production Lesson164
26Orchestral Lesson43
27Piano Lesson111
28Drum Lesson157

Rising Star Game is my favorite PLAY-TO-EARN Blockchain Game.

see you next day.