Ragnarok is Upon Us!

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Hi all, this is team Ragnarok explaining a bit about the upcoming NFT project coming to Hive! The project itself has been in the works for almost 6 months now & has been graciously financed by @theycallmedan. The team consists of over a dozen people & we are still seeking more! This account is run by multiple Ragnarok team members & is more of just a place to get updates about Ragnarok from Ragnarok core. The goal set out was to complete the game in its entirety, from art to game mechanics, then open-source the code & allow the community to bring it to life. Anyone who wants to get involved in the cutting edge of p2E gaming, please leave a comment below.

A bit about the NFT project launch:

There will be no inside benefits or premint for anyone, including 100% of the team, sorry Dan, nor will there be a public NFT sale of any kind!

This is a community-run & focused project! 100% open-source! 100% of the total capped supply will be dropped freely to Hivers. The snapshot will be on Jan 6th.

There will be a one-time claim date TBA after the snapshot. All unclaimed NFT's will then be put into the upcoming game, Ragnarok, which can then be mined using the NFT's you claimed during the snapshot. The only way to get these NFT's is to either have HIVE during the snapshot or eventually mine them from Ragnarok! There will also be secondary markets for trading via DEX.

The NFT's will be given first, freely, to all HIVE hodlers! They will be tradeable & collectible. A lot of time, effort & financial resources went into making the game's amazing art! We sincerely hope everyone enjoys it!

How many NFT's do I get?

The drop is proportionate to the total supply of HIVE (excluding the Hive DAO because DAOs can't claim, they don't have fingers!) So, for math's sake, let's say there are 100m HIVE (arbitrary numbers) & 10m NFT's. That means every hiver who claims will get 1 NFT for every 10 HIVE they hodl.

The first launch of cards is from Norse mythology. This is where Ragnarok originated, & it will be Aesir vs. Vanir. Although, you can mix & match gods & titans. There will be 10 cards per deck needed to play. Having at least 8 of either Aesir or Vanir in a deck will give all those types of cards a boost in stats.

We are fortunate enough to have team members well versed in various mythologies, the most knowledge being with Norse. We followed as closely as possible the poems & written stories from credible sources. This isn't your marvel Norse gods, which are completely different from the original stories, most likely to keep things rated "PG" - with Ragnarok, you're getting the full raw stories. Don't expect popular gods such as Thor or Odin to be the way you may think you know them. You'll be getting the full family tree, you'll soon realize Thor is rare, but his grandfather Bor is much rarer, & you'll be very lucky to get Buri, Thor's great grandfather.

What can I do with the NFT's?

This starts simple. It starts as free NFT's to all HIVE hodlers. Then the game launches in which you can start to earn rewards. The art will have a level on it, & all will have a level "1" to start. Once the game starts, you can start battling it out in a big yearly tournament called Ragnarok. You will need to opt into Ragnarok every year, & it can be done anytime inside that calendar year. The cost will be x HBD. All HBD the game earns goes into a SIP v1, where the interest earned is kept in a pool & paid back to the players without the initial HBD ever being touched.

Once you have opted into Ragnarok & paid the fee, you will now earn "exp tokens" for every battle you win. These tokens can be used to power up your cards, max lvl 9. Every card in your deck will need to be powered up with exp coins individually. Every level unlocks better stats, more abilities, & an overall stronger God or Titan. The amount of exp coins required to reach the next level becomes larger & larger at every level. The exp coins are fungible & tradeable.

Besides the free drop, how else does Ragnarok benefit Hive?

After every battle, your Gods or Titans do not recover health, so if you enter a battle with low health characters from the previous battle, they will also have low health in the new battle. You will need to heal your gods & titans using potions/herbs, which cost HBD.

The game will have armor & a weapon system that adds passive stats & abilities to equip the NFT's. You can level up the weapon tree of your choice, each coming with different skills & abilities. All weapons will be mineable NFT's that come out in Ragnarok, but they will require repair kits that cost HBD.

There will be in-game food that is a must to have, or your gods start to lose health. Food is only consumed during battle & comes with stat boosts based on the food provided. Food cost HBD.

The game will have many HBD sinks. The HBD is sucked into a "blackhole" via the SIP v1, where it will be locked away to earn interest in perpetuity.

Can you further explain Ragnarok?

Each god or titan can have up to 33 spells in the game itself. The spells themselves are collectible, tradeable NFT's. Spells consist of either magic spells like a direct damage attack (fireball, etc.) or summoned pets. Pets have their own stats (hp, attack ETC.) All spells have a mana cost, & in every round, each player gets extra mana, thus using a more powerful spell. Players will need to wait for 9 rounds total before playing their most powerful spells that cost 9 mana each.

Spells are 100% mineable through the game. Spells can also be leveled using an exp coin with 9 levels per spell.

In Closing

Think of the NFT's you get are "miners" that allow you to play a game that earns you more NFT's. We hope the "mining" is one super kickass game that really tests the limits of your imagination & skills!

This post is already getting long, & we could talk about Ragnarok all day. The game itself we will break down next week. One tidbit we will leave you with is there are many levels to this game. For instance, a long-term MMORPG (think WOW, but you own it) plan involves the very NFT's you get. This will be a game foundation for many various interoperable game trees to grow from. One account, one deck, all games.

We will reveal two card arts soon, one Aesir & one Vanir & we will hodl a logo contest with a nice prize

Image Sources: 1 - 2

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This is awesome. Where will we be able to see / claim our distributed NFTs?

Welcome to Hive.

Looking forward to learning more about this game.

have HIVE during the snapshot

Staked? Liquid?
I am intrigued. I want to participate. I don't want things to go unclaimed!

Very excited about this one!

Does the Hive need to be powered up?

They said liquid hive too.

FUCK YEAH!!!!! Now that's what I'm talking about. I'm going to kick ass in this game, I can feel it in my Borls

No you won't. Pleb!

I'll toast your ass when it's time to battle.

trumpman toasts his own ass for breakfast

Who doesn't enjoy some burned buns?!

love me some burned meat buns. meatbuns

Is this ragnarok m that can be found on App Store?

Not if I kick your ass first! We'll meet at Ragnarok and decide there!

Can I download it already ? Is this the ragnarok from gravity co….?

Awesome stuff! Is the HBD the players earn proportional to the number of NFTs they hold?

Will the HIVE need to be staked or can it be liquid to be counted on the 6th?

Liquid and stake (hp) was discussed on podcast.

@ecoinstant thanks friend! Its hard to keep up with all the news you know. Much love for the responce tho.


Hey, do you also know if the 3SPK can be liquid too?

That is also on Jan 6th for snapshot?

Thanks ecoinstant :)

I am just watching this latest announcement now:

Hi, I entered Blockchain world 3 weeks ago and I am overjoyed to see the gaming genre meets the blockchain technology. I have been a gamer since 10, it's unbelievable I can channel my passion into De-fi now. Playing and earning money is something I am sure many of us had been dreaming of as kids. And it's not a dream anymore, what a time to be alive! Looking forward to playing the game!

It's a game changer :)



coool - looking forward to this and here a !BEER for you

A PING from a time after Ragnarok.

1UP will involve itself as much as possible and reasonable for us and so will the new 1UP-Cartel gaming guild on HIVE. The question we have now is, what HIVE counts for the airdrop?

  • Liquid HIVE
  • Staked HIVE
  • SWAP.HIVE in Diesel pools
1UP-devider-comment.pngYou've got 1UP'ed! Thanks for using 1UP and its #oneup tag, your NFT and PlayToEarn blockchain gaming community on www.1up.zone. Join us on Discord. !PGM 🎮 !PIZZA 🍕

Sent 0.1 PGM tokens to @ragnarok.game

remaining commands 1

Buy and stake 10 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM per day,
100 PGM token to send 0.1 PGM three times per day
500 to send and receive 0.1 PGM five times per day
1000 to send and receive 0.1 PGM ten times per day

Discord image.png

I am responding to your comment :

The goal set out was to complete the game in its entirety, from art to game mechanics, then open-source the code & allow the community to bring it to life. Anyone who wants to get involved in the cutting edge of p2E gaming, please leave a comment below.

How does someone with creative writing skills, and a passion for gaming get involved writing lore and drawing artwork?

Thank you.


...Frank Frazetta...


This game is going to make Hive explode even more! So excited to play. Let's GO!!!

Great one!
Just a question, will the nfts be able to be leased out/delegated?
Or maybe some type od stakinf nfts?

Looking forward to learning more about this game. Sounds awesome so far! :)

Awesome, looking forward to the HBD sinks and the game!

This sounds so cool and I have always loved Norse mythology for a long time it would be great to be able to participate look @shadowmyst @viper160891

Count me in ! Exciting news !!!

This seems exciting! let me know when you have content I can show on my stream. I am a sucker for hive games and I love airdrops :)

👏🏻 Exciting! Sounds like a really fantastic project. Maybe the next Splinterlands?! 😋

Sweet looking forward to it !PIZZA

it is VERY pleasing that this is being 100% airdropped to the community, no presales, no premints for the team, just a straight up reward to everyone who believes in Hive.
@thealbytross and @notears keep an eye on this one. Time to accumulate some more Hive maybe before the world catches on!

Welcome to Hive.

Looking forward

Can one play this game with just a web browser and keychain like Splinterlands? I hope a PC is not a requirement.

Vergación! Fin de mundo!

This sounds awesome and has huge potential to being one heck of a game next year! Thank you for the drops to hive holders and providing more value to the hive ecosystem with each project you release. Look forward to it!

I wonder if everything will cost HBD, will any player be profitable on that? It looks like a pay-to-play game or are the winnings balancing the costs that you need to pour into the game?

Okay, this... Sounds way too exciting.

I need to follow this!

I love to see what is taking place. Personally, the HBD bit caught my attention (for obvious reasons). This will tie in well to a follow up post I am going to write about Hive Bonds.

with Ragnarok, you're getting the full raw stories.

This is one of many reasons why I know this is going to be great.

This sounds really exciting!

wen Launch? :D

I am not really a game person anymore but i think with this my passion for gaming will be revived. Can't wait to kick asses.

Count me in, then I'll activate Bifröst and Travel to my old friend Yggdrasil, where I still have a spear. I'll probably need it at the time of Ragnarok.

Will SWAP.HIVE count towards the airdrop?

Sounds interesting. But I have a question regarding this free allocation. How it will be distributed, will it be based on the Hive power I have, or the Hive Dollar or Hive Token? Thanks in advance

Hey @cantfoldaces, seems like there's another great project entering Hive, and for this one I don't need to move a muscle.

Wow! This is amazing! I am far from being a Hive whale, so won't get a lot of airdrops, but I am looking forward to any of those!
How do I claim airdrops? Are they automatically dropped into my wallet or do I have to claim them manually?

Wish you good luck and hope to be able to play this coming game pretty soon!

Cheers, @andy-plays

!gif excited

Is it all holders of both Hive and Hive Power?

Does swap.hive or HBD count?

Liquid and staked hive (HP), but not HBD.

Technically would have to ask engine team if they will claim the airdrop. Swap.hive is an dex protocol version, engine team has all the hive on @honey-swap account.

Definitely do not do what @por500bolos says.

There's also a lot of SWAP.HIVE in diesel pools. We might see some interesting movements before the snapshot.

Was gonna ask this! And any swap.hive in LPs?

Ask engine team if they will claim or not.

Is it all holders of both Hive and Hive Power?

Does swap.hive or HBD count?

Nope! nothing like that you greedy-lazy fuckers. Hahahaha

It's just for HBD holders. And only if that HBD is already stored into your HBD save account. So, just worry about convert all that Hive, Hive Power and Swap.hive to HBD quickly and move it all to your HBD save account a few days before the day of the snapshot on Jan 6th.

Once that done. Then, due to my great financial advice, you already can send me a juicy tip to my wallet in whatever token you want. Yeah! I'm not so greedy like you!! :D

You are such an agent of chaos. Hilarious!

Oh yeah! Humor always has to have a great dose of chaos to be really enlightening and effective. Hahahaha

It can be but anymore I find people do not want enlightenment they typically find humor and satire to be offensive and unable to think outside the box. Enlightenment must come from within not externally from other people unfortunately and even then if you can spark critical thought within someone you will be their focal point of such enlightenment good or bad which totally misses the point. You know people before today's modern society avoided saving people from death or sickness due being obligated to care for that person after a life saving event. So chaos it must be when the masses choose to not read or seek information for themselves because they are too lazy to do their own research.

It can be but anymore I find people do not want enlightenment they typically find humor and satire to be offensive and unable to think outside the box.

Yep, that's right. And that's why we have to insist in forcefully inject some enlightening chaotic humor into their little pin heads annoying them and disturbing them all we can to reach some level of awareness and defeat their stuborn wrong sense of offense. };)

So chaos it must be when the masses choose to not read or seek information for themselves because they are too lazy to do their own research.

Of course. I totally concur with you here. They actually should read more often my highly chaotic, humorous and enlightening content if they still want to remain lazy and save a great deal of time in doing their own research, but even so, achieving a high degree of consciousness. LoL

That is why I absolutely LOVE you! Get your HBD folks before HIVE takes off and we get all them NFTs! 😅

Also would like to know this =)

Sounds really intersting as a game concept and for Hive itself. Looking forward to further information.

Thanks at @theycallmedan for sponsoring this project

I love blockchain games and can't wait to play Ragnarock

So we are getting the drops based on HP or liquid hive? Need to know so we can power down if we have too

Welcome ragnarok.game!
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Great. Excited to see many gaming opportunities on Hive. Good to have more games.

Going to be keeping my eye on the project and cannot wait to see the art style!

amazing love it

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