After You're Gone (Burmese Song) And My Rising Star Game Progress

Rising Star Game Progress: Musical Journey Update

Greetings Rising Star community!

I'm thrilled to provide an update on my musical journey and game progress. As I embark on the Local Mini Tour mission, I'm immersed in the vibrant world of Rising Star, aiming to reach the coveted Band Edition. The journey has been exhilarating, filled with challenges and triumphs, and I can't wait to showcase my musical prowess on stage.

Profile Overview:

  • Fan: 19359
  • Luck: 2,326
  • Skill: 22,432
  • IM: 354
  • Total Cards: 278

Missions Completed:

  • Illegal Busking: 65
  • Mid Week Support: 46
  • Licensed Busking: 10
  • Saturday Support: 18
  • Saturday Headline: 87
  • Radio Studio Session: 21
  • Shopping Mall Performance: 115
  • Local Festival Acoustic Tent: 30
  • Local Mini Tour Support: 241
  • Summer Breeze: 7
  • Basic Singing Lesson: 211
  • Guitar Lesson: 154
  • Piano Lesson: 14

Total Missions Completed: 1,365

In my recent gameplay, I acquired 3 new cards from a pack I purchased, which you can view below. Additionally, the Seasonal Mission "Make My Heart Race" is now available, offering exciting challenges and rewards. However, to undertake this mission, we require the S71 Mila Card until 3rd March.

Curious about my musical journey? Explore my tracks here and witness the evolution firsthand. Joining the Rising Star community not only offers entertainment but also serves as a gateway to real rewards. If you haven't joined yet, consider using my referral link to become part of the rhythm!

Thank you for accompanying me on this musical adventure. Your support means the world.

Catch you on the Rising Star stage! 🌟

After You're Gone


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As the twilight evening falls, memories of your departure linger. With a smile adorning your lips, you bid farewell, leaving behind tears of the heartbroken. How does one cope with the pain of losing sight of love's light?

In the morning's wake, the ache of your absence prevails, a constant companion to solitude. Yearning for a dream where separation is but an illusion, where your presence remains steadfast, I lament the void you've left.

"Oh, alone,
I don't want to live without you, my love.
Yesterday, I perished,
Where does one find purpose in survival?
After you're gone, kindness departs."

As days merge into nights, and nights into days, the weight of your absence weighs heavy on my soul. In the depths of despair, thoughts of you consume my waking hours and haunt my dreams.

This song, originally performed by the renowned Htoo Eain Thin, resonates deeply with many. Singer NiNi Khim Zaw's cover rendition, shared below, pays homage to its timeless appeal.

After You're Gone - NiNi Khim Zaw (Cover)

NiNi Khim Zaw, with her captivating voice and dedicated fan base, breathes new life into this cherished melody.