RisingStar's Completed Missions and Buying Cold Pizza Slice

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Have a nice day 😚 all RisingStar Lovers🎶


Today, I have done 121 Missions in RisingStar Game.
These are Illegal Busking 43, Open Mic Night 30, Mid Week Support 29, Licensed Busking 9 and Midweek Heading Slot 10.

I withdrew Starbits 9000 from RisingStar Game to Hive-engine.
That is to buy Energy Booster Card.

I had 1000 Starbits from RisingStar Giveaway of @myanmarkoko.
Thank you Brother Ko Ko.

Today's evening, I bought a Cold Pizza Slice with Starbits 10000.


And then, when I use a Cold Pizza Slice, I continued the RisingStar mission.

Now, I reached Level 14 and I seem that my game will reach Level 15 tomorrow.

Thank you RisingStar Game Developer 💕



Yay! 🤗
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ကြိုးစားချက် လက်ကုန်ပါပဲ !PIZZA


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