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Hello dear friends,
here are some pictures I took this week in Locarno.


Ciao cari amici,
eccovi delle foto che ho scattato in questi giorni a Locarno.





Here I took the train from Lugano to Tenero,

qui invece ho preso il treno da Lugano a Tenero,





and this is the Lugano Lake in the morning.

e questo é il lago di Lugano di mattina.



While here we have a nice view on the Maggiore lake at sunset,

Mentre qui abbiamo un bella vista sul lago Maggiore con un bel tramonto,



and with a very special light.

e con un' illuminazione particolare.


I hope you like my Swiss impressions and thanks for following me 😍

Spero le mie impressioni svizzere vi piacciano e grazie per seguirmi 😍


hab dir eine Einladung als Memo geschickt :)

Echt? Sorry wo seh ich die?

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Danke vielmals 😃

@tipu curate

Eines muss man den Schweizern ja lassen – wenn es um das Kreieren von wunderbaren Landschaften geht, dann sind sie ganz weit vorn! 😉😮
Kein Wunder. Denn, wie mir erzählt wurde, ticken zwischen St. Gallen und Genf die Uhren etwas anders. 😊
Aber, wie eindrucksvoll zu erkennen ist, hat auch in der »Confoederatio Helvetica« der Herbst Einzug gehalten. Dann ist das mit dem anders ticken und der Langsamkeit doch wohl eher ein Gerücht?

Nicht wirklich ein Gerücht,es geht wirklich ein wenig langsamer als in Zürich oder anderen Kantonen zu 🤣
Das ist im Süden immer so, auch in Frankreich, Deutschland, Spanien, Italien, usw... der Süden ist immer langsamer und chaotischer, das kann aber manchmal auch gut sein 😅

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Wow! All I can say right is just wow! Autumn has really done an amazing work in Ticino. I love the view of every photo.

Thank you so much 😃

Very beautiful photographs, good work as always, after a week your post is gone

Thank you so much... Yes I did a lot of things last week 😅

Mi piace seguirvi nei vostri reportage. Con uno come questo, mi godo le immagini e le tante esperienze che ho fatto nella mia vita professionale in Ticino. Ho potuto conoscere il Ticino e le sue tante persone amiche.
Sono quindi molto soddisfatto del vostro reportage, un grande grazie a voi.

Grazie mille del commento... come vedi qui non é cambiato niente, tutto tranquillo 😊

Hermosas esa fotografías

Muchisimas gracias 😃

Lovely photography display...

!discovery shots

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Thank you very much 🤗

All the scenes are very beautiful and charming. I love all the pictures you take and I love visiting and traveling to such places. Have a nice day. 🏖🏝🏞⛲

Thank you so much! You too 😃

My pleasure

Today the way we are seeing that winter is starting, the leaves are changing colors and even after turning taut they look very beautiful. Whenever there is such a beautiful weather, the clouds are coming in the sky, then seeing such natural sights, a person forgets his worries and starts enjoying.

beautiful photographs, i miss your paintings.

Thank you very much, at the moment I will do more sculpture, but we will see 😃

Wow! Just like it has always been pictured in my head. A beautiful looking country. I've never made it there, but always wanted to. Actually, there are several countries in Europe that I'd like to visit. Switzerland is just one of the ones in the top 10.

Yeah! You have to come one day! Also to Italy, France, Spain and many other beautiful countries 😃

I agree. I really need to come visit someday. I'm afraid that as long as I am married to my current wife, that will never happen. She does not like to travel very much.


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Locarno is no doubt a wonderful place, can't wait to see it more @carolineschell

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