Coastal atmosphere

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There's not much to go on here to show. These are just some pictures I took from several locations in the coastal area, and I hope they can represent some of the coastal atmosphere in the area where I live.


You look at this picture, and see how it is very appropriate to be called a jellyfish.


These large concrete blocks were placed here perhaps as breakwaters, and from different directions, the waves tried to disrupt their arrangement. Shelled biota set up their homes there, either trying to accept the structure into the environment, or trying to tear it down.




In the mangrove forest, and the fruit in the picture below is the "Nipah" fruit (Nypa fruticans).



And a small fishing boat passed into the mouth of the river. That's enough for today, I think.



Landscape across the river mouth.


Teeth in the beach sand. I don't know what animal's teeth it is.


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