Landscape of a coastal village in Aceh

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The situation there will often look quiet. The hours that are most visible with activity are in the morning when people go to work and children go to school. After that, it was quiet and quiet. Sunlight will provide heat which will be more pronounced. The situation of midday and midnight seems almost indistinguishable except for light and darkness, and also doors and windows that are tightly closed at night. The afternoon will seem busier with children who will take advantage of the colder hours for whatever pleases them.

This village is located between hilly areas and the sea where the use of land for livelihoods here can be seen to overlap between agricultural land and fish cultivation ponds. Village people, therefore, can have two jobs: farming and fishing (farmer-fishermen). But everything happened simply.

I took these pictures in the early morning hours before the sun was up and shining very brightly. These images are mostly sorted according to the time they were taken.


Simple houses with a size that can accommodate five or six family members. Most of these houses were built after the 2004 tsunami, and were aid from donors for the rehabilitation of Aceh at that time.




The building debris seen in the picture is the remains left behind by the 2004 tsunami. It still looks like that.


This is the style of a newly built house. It's not built all at once, sometimes it has to wait a long time until it costs enough to complete it.


Fish ponds and a hut for guarding.



However, the football field is the most important thing for the village.😁 It's a public facility that can be used for anything enjoyable.

"For every frame, a life to remember."

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This is just a kiosk built to sell drinks and food for beach visitors. It is only active in the afternoon and on holidays when there are lots of beach visitors.


In this place, trees like this are something that will make you relieved because they can protect you from the heat of the sun.


You saw the debris in the puddle earlier. It is the purpose of these water buffaloes to wallow and graze.


Well, that's all I can shoot and tell you about the story.🙂


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