Possible - impossible

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If ever I was awake
it is today
I looked into the water of the broken pitcher
it was the elusive
non-existent water
that left that small place outfitted
with a spacious bottom.


There fits everything I want to be
which is not much
just enough
an attentive / free / simple woman
and all that
as a letter given to the world
even if few read it.


You can see it there
in the confines of the broken pitcher
there is a murmur of dreams
and they are all fulfilled
they all fit between my joined hands
and with them
I wash my face in the mornings
before coffee.

Havana, February 26, 2024.


Original content by @nanixxx. All rights reserved ©, 2024.


I love this selection of shots and your text. The first one is my favorite 🖤

It's good to see you here, thanks for sharing with us dear @nanixxx 🤗

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Hi, is this my first time posting here? I think so. 😁 Thanks for the warm welcome! Glad you like these photos and my verses.

Me gustaron mucho las fotos. Cómo te debo de haber dicho en muchas ocasiones 😅, soy fan del blanco y negro. Le da una vibra a las imágenes tan poderosa.💪.

Por otro lado la poesía, wow, muy bonita. Sin duda eres mi ejemplo a seguir en este mundo de la poesía. Me gustó como de manera sencilla y concisa expresas tu sentir.👌.

Todo genial 10/10. Saludos para ti amiga.🤗

Vaya jajaja... qué puntuación tan elevada. 😅 Gracias.
Me alegra que te haya gustado este pequeño ejercicio literario.

What a beautiful poem and you accompanied it with fantastic photographs, the first one is my favourite. Great Nani!❤️

Thank you @avdesing, you are always so kind and leave me such nice comments ;)

lovely snaps an great plain poetry

🤗 thank you

you're welcome

A delicious mix between your words and the pictures. I loved this. ❤️

Thank you Paloma 🤗. It's a small exercise and I'm glad you liked it.

Hey, I just saw the picture in your last post, how interesting. I'm going to read it. It's a disaster here without my Peakd lists. I miss a lot of posts. 😣

It’s impossible to read all the good content here. I use the favourites option but it’s not the same as a dedicated feed, yes.

Wow, very beautiful!

Thank you, and welcome to my blog! 😇

hello simple woman... there is a light, a whisper that waits for you where it is impossible to live the night

Do you also write poetry? Well, a night well lived is something great 😂

Yes I write poetry... but not now..I am going to sleep... jajaja

Dulces sueños entonces 😅

Gracias... creo que voy a necesitar un poquito de azúcar prieta para endulzarlos jajaja..

El viernes pasado tuvimos un encuentro con artistas alemanes en playa baracoa.. pintamos en los muros debajo del puente de la panamericana sobre el río. Algunos niños de nuestros talleres de plástica, los instructores y los visitantes...

Cuando vaya a Playa Baracoa iré allí. ¿No hiciste fotos?

ok..si hice fotos... te las mostraré

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