Ava's Adventure (Part 7) Finale.

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Go back to where you think the portal was. Walk though it and hopefully everything will go back to normal." Ava knew deep down that she needed to do what she said. But she really didn't want to go back because she was still out of breath from the way there. "Seriously? Is there any other way? Or can I please have something that can make the trip easier or faster? That will be fantastic. I will pay you back. I promise."

The lady just smiled and said "Oh honey. You don't need to pay me back for anything. Go. Go take this bike and go though that portal. You can do it Ava!" Ava took the bike and sped off. And there she went on a journey. A journey Ava has never been on. And hopefully never will again.


"Jeez That was fast. When I went to the city by foot it took me half the day! Now with this trusty bike, it only took me 3 hours to get back! Impressive." Ava looked around to find the house. But right before she could start pedaling, Ava was greeted with an angel.


Ava was stunned by what she was seeing "I know you are surprised by seeing an angel for the first time, Ava. It's normal." Ava couldn't speak she still needed time to process. "Well if you are just going to sit there I might as well introduce myself. Hi, I am Angela. Your guardian angel."

Ava finally figured out how to speak and said "I have a guardian angel?! And how do-" Ava was interrupted by Angela. "How do you know my name? I know what you were going to say. You have said that sentence enough times." Ava just scrunched her nose and said "You really are a sassy angel aren't you?" Angela laughed and said "That's why God made me YOUR guardian angel."

When the two girls finished laughing. Angela said "You are thinking about asking me to take you to the house this whole mess started. I say yes. Follow me." Ava found it a little creepy how Angela could read her mind. But she was mostly fine with that.

Ava and Angela both walked down the dirty road that Ava had so many memories with. Like Ava learning how to ride a bike. Drawing suns with chalk with Lucy, enjoying themselves. Not taking a single second for granted.

Ava looked at the destroyed house that she used to call home and shed a single tear. Angela felt a tingle down her spine. She always gets this feeling when Ava is upset. Angela turned around to comfort Ava. Even though Angela knew the answer, she asked "Ava, what's bothering you? I know you are sad. Tell me. It's ok."

Ava stopped walking and turned to Angela "I miss my home, my memories, my life that I loved so much. What did I do to deserve this?" Angela sighed and said. "Nothing, Ava. This. This is all a test. It's not real. If you believe it enough you can make it happen. You wanted an angel so bad that you started believing it. So much so, that... Here I am! You know. In one of my past lives. I was like you. I was tested. God tested me to see how much I could take. What lengths I would go just to be with my family again. Right now. You are almost at the end. All you have to do is go though that portal and your life will go right back to normal. Every last bit will be just like it was. All sunshine and rainbows."

Ava wiped the tear from her eye and said "But then what will happen to you?" Angela smiled softly and said I will go right back up in paradise waiting for you."

Ava smiled and they both started walking further to the house. When they made it, Angela said "This is it. Go in. I'll be waiting out here." Ava was about to open the front door until she turned around. "I'm scared! I- I cant do this without you!" Angela just sighed and looked down. "I'm sorry. I can't. You are going to have to do this next part on your own Ava. But trust me on this. You will be fine."

Ava turned to the door knob and then back at Angela. Angela gave Ava one last reassuring smile, and Ava opened the door and walked though. With each step Ava was getting closer to the basement. Then she saw a glowing light. It made her feel relief, loved, and happy. Now she wasn't as scared anymore.

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Ava walked though the portal and then she heard the sound of her mom. "Ava. Oh Ava! It's time for school! Breakfast is ready." Ava jolted out of bed and hugged her mom. "Oh mom I missed you so much!" Ava's mom kissed her on the head and said "Ava did you have a nightmare? You can tell me all about it after school. You are getting late. Lucy is waiting for you in the bus! Come on! Hurry up slow poke!" Ava laughed with tears of joy and ran to the kitchen to eat her breakfast.

Ava squeezed her dad tightly before she ran off to the bus. Lucy greeted her in the seat they always sat in. "Hi Lucy!" Said Ava. She was so happy just to see the people that didn't realize that she took for granted.

The End

Hello everyone sorry I took an eternity to make this. My schedule was REALLY full when I wanted to start this post. Now it is all cleared up and I finally got to finish this project. Your support is highly appreciated! And I will see you in my next post. Byee! :D