Wellcome !

in Bitcoin art2 years ago

As the creator of this group, I would first like to introduce myself.
I've been doing art all my life. I graduated from an art high school and then continued my studies at the University of Fine Arts. Due to my hatred of the banking system and censorship, and my predestination to create art, I fully dedicated my time and energy to working in the Bitcoin art scene. I have never felt more confident in the path I am headed now. To contribute to the Bitcoin community in the best way possible- through my art.
My first big appearance happened after an invitation to participate in the biggest Bitcoin conference in the world, the one in Miami. There, in 2021, I showed my first serious Bitcoin work. Later that year, I also took part in the CoinFestUK conference in Manchester. In 2022, I presented my stuff at conferences in Miami and Las Vegas. In the meantime, my stuff is being put up for online auctions, with people from all over the world taking part.
I'm here because Trying to build a stage for showing my art in a free and decentralized way, but I was surprised to discover that there is no group yet created for Bitcoin artists around the world, and I thought that since there isn't, maybe one should be made. So this one was created. I hope it becomes a gathering point for the whole bitcoin artist community on Hive, let's show what we've done and share experiences here. This is the only way to build a better open society.
The bitcoin renaissance is coming, and I'm happy to be a part of it with all of you !