Dverse Curation Project: Collection #5

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We are Dverse, a curation project under the auspices of Yaroslav Titarchuk. As curators, we consider that any topic can have an impact, however, each collection presented will gather five publications under the same subject, which will vary with each edition.

Our goal is to encourage the creation of original and quality content, in addition to sharing knowledge. Despite being a young project, we hope our work will join all the lights illuminating this great community.

There are several opinions about the use that creators can make of Artificial Intelligence, in this collection we gather some posts about it.

Five to wonder a little bit

Advent of AI - The Repl[AI]cement of Humanity?

Thoughts on the topic of Artificial Intelligence - Pensieri riguardo al tema dell'Intelligenza Artificiale [ENG/ITA]

AI as feared as unknown (ENG - ESP)

War on AI in Content Creation

Healthy AI Usage #01: "Idea Engine" to Boost your Creativity

The collection will be published every seven days in this blog. If you want our curators to review your content use the hashtag #dversedao #dversecuration.

About us

We are a young curation project focusing on quality content regardless of subject matter. Like Socrates, we believe that knowledge begins with wonder; therefore, we hope to support authors and inspire them to continue publishing exciting topics and interacting with the community.

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