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It took me a while to catch on to this but it's better late than never, majority of the reasons why I decided to join this platform is because I kept hearing Hivers talking about the game in the chat rooms. They all sounded so passionate and seemed to enjoy it. Many of the terms they used when talking about the game seemed like a different language to me TBH...

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Although I can proudly say, after visiting the Splinter land wiki page and watching a few YouTube vids, I'm starting to understand a lot about this universe and it seems like it's gonna be a fun experience. At least now I won't look so clueless in the chat rooms

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I registered on the platform and adopted my fav username "Based-Alchemist" Although in this case I'm more like 'noob-chemist' lol but I do hope to be a Based champion soon enough 😀.

I already started a bunch of practice duels, I'm still kinda nervous about entering the real battlegrounds yet.

For now, my go-to strategy is using the death element, maybe this is me channeling my "inner skeletor" haha 😂...


I prefer using a heal-melee card with strong health on the first spot, then another melee with range on the second slot and maybe a magic card in the middle area and then range cards at the end.

I also observed that I perform better when a lower mana-cap is given as a rule. I guess having so many mana at my disposal makes me indecisive about the best strategy to use, but a lower mana forces me to adopt an effective game play.

This is one of the replays of a practice match against a guilded user at that 😀


I hope to keep improving on this Splinterlands journey... That is all for now, thanks for your time 😀.

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