Weekly Battle Challenge: Delwyn Dragonscale

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For this week's battle challenge, we're leaning into the Halloween season again with Delwyn Dragonscale. Delwyn's true body is long dead, but his twin sister Daria employed dark magic to preserve his soul within the body of a flesh golem. Despite his eternal torment, Delwyn Dragonscale continues to fight on for his people. Spooky, eh?

Delwyn Dragonscale_lv1.png

The Card

Delwyn Dragonscale has the distinction of being the only common summoner in the game (so far, at least). Delwyn is a Dragon summoner, as one might expect, and he has a single ability: +1 Magic Attack. So he's just another Alric Stormbringer? Well, yes and no. Since Delwyn is a Dragon summoner, he can be used with any splinter, and he gives them the option of using dragons as well their own monsters. There are two main drawbacks, however. Delwyn costs 5 mana, the highest in the game outside of legendary summoners, and because he is common, he requires many more copies to level up. For example, you need nearly 5 times as many copies of Delwyn to summon at max level as you would need copies of Alric. Nonetheless, Delwyn Dragonscale can be quite useful.


Let's take a look at a couple battles.

Battle 1


For our first battle, we have both the Noxious Fumes and Equalizer rule sets. This is the perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite abilities, Life Leech. Our Ancient Lich and Venari Bonesmith's LIfe Leech ability allows them to grow as they do magic damage, and Equalizer removes their main drawback of low starting health. Since both of these monsters use magic attacks, Delwyn was the perfect summoner for them, allowing them to steal even more life per hit.

At least that was the idea. Unfortunately we were up against Mimosa Nightshade, whose Void ability essentially cancels out Delwyn's boost. Luckily, her other abilities had no effect on our team, so we effectively negated both summoners while gaining a 2 mana advantage over our opponent. Because the Life Leech equalizer combo was so strong, this easily won us the battle. The enemy team only had a maximum of 4 damage available per round, and our two Equalized tanks could easily absorb it all while our magicians did their job from the back line.

Battle 2


Our second battle also had the Equalizer modifier, but unfortunately the Death splinter was not available. However, I was still in the mood for some Delwyn shenanigans, so I used him to lead an Earth splinter magic team instead. Thus time I brought along Kron, who didn't have to lead from the rear for a change, his loyal Centaur companion, his legendary friends Grog and Biljka, and a Nymph and Shaman for good measure. Every single one would benefit from Delwyn's leadership.

My opponent unfortunately brought a Mylor lead, which was utterly useless against us. On top of that, he brought three ranged attackers who would find their attacks on our Centauri Mage reflected back at them. The Mage died (twice, in fact), but helped wear down the enemy team in the process. That was our only casualty, as our Delwyn-enhanced magic team tore through the enemies one by one while our Nymph kept the Spirit Shaman standing. We've all seen how well a Flesh Golem works on an Earth team, and it turns out that this strange Delwyn-infused version is just as effective.

Final Thoughts

Delwyn Dragonscale may look like he's just a more expensive version of Alric Stormbringer, but his versatility at enhancing any splinter makes him much more than a poor knock-off. He's even useful on a Water team because he allows you to bring dragons along to the party. As far as I'm concerned, Delwyn is always worth considering if you plan to create a magic-focused team and have the mana available for him.


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