Chat w/ Azircon - The SPS Oligarchy

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In this video, I chat with @azircon who at the time of this post has the #4 highest SPS staked amount at 8.1M. We discuss several topics including how SPS governance is more similar to oligarchy than democracy, his deliberate approach to nuking pre-proposal posts, and his thoughts on the most recent proposals.

I believe it's fair to say that Azircon has been a bit of a polarizing figure in the community, especially in Mav chat, and while I don't agree with him on everything it's important to have these conversations to understand the perspectives of those who approach @splinterlands with a different lens than me. I hope giving him a longform format to discuss why he does what he does within the game and governance will help others to understand his actions, whether you agree with them or not.

I hope you enjoy the conversation!

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Big fan of @azircon. He is the main reason I came into and stuck around in the Shield of Glory guild. His no-BS attitude and true love of the game give me full confidence that his actions are in the best interest of the game. Like you say, he is a polarizing figure, but I am proud to have Azircon as a guildmate and Splinterlands is lucky to have such a person on its side.

Catchy title @aftersound :)

I am OK if the DAO just sits for Two or Three Years and Nothing gets done but the DAO just Collects Assets.

I am in No Hurry. Been around Here since it was SteemMonsters........... @Goldmatters , @aftersound

Thank You for Your Time this Evening @azircon


great talk. I really enjoyed this. I watch quite a bit of splinterlands content and I quite often find myself wishing for a bit more depth or vision or purpose to it. This is why people get excited for when Matt is talking because he presents an overarching vision for the aspirations of this ecosystem. @Azircon it would be great to see more video content from big voices such as yourself. We are trialling new forms of governance which I believe could have a big impact on the world eventually and I realise lots of big holders in the web3 world might not want to reveal their identity, but those who do can help to lead us with strong visions, strong opinions, and strong disposition. Even if people dont always agree, I think seeing the words come out of someones mouth lends a lot more authenticity than writing words on a screen. Im not here to collect cards and play games (although I enjoy that side of it), Im here to support and be a part of genuine progress for humanity. Any chance of an 'oligarchs round table' video sometime?


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amazing interview, I would encourage everyone to listen ...👍

Great talk, thanks for opening up to the public more some of the thoughts by people who have an out-sized voice (due to SPS amounts) in regards to the future of the space. Keep up the good work!