Journey to your Legendary - Day.32

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Welcome Everyone!


I wanted to refresh my giveaway with something more enjoyable, so I would like to present this new type of giveaway, where you can earn a lot of cards and the possibility to receive fantastic Legendary Prizes. 🤑

I would like to invite Everyone to join, who wants to win in this Game. This giveaway is good for beginners and old gamers as well, because the Winner will receive a common, rare or epic card and the final prize will be choosen from legendary cards.


The lucky Winner will receive a random card from the Daily Wheel and the Winners will accumulate points in order to get a Legendary Card from the Legendary Wheel! 🤞

Daily Wheel


Legendary Wheel



Rules of the Giveaway

  • Just write a comment with your in game username if you want to participate on the Daily Wheel.
  • I will be using this website to determine the Winner in each and every day.
  • There will be a point system in place, which you can collect through participating and winning in this giveaway.
  • The first 3 person who succesfully collect 15 points from winning and participating will receive a spin on the Legendary Wheel, which will reward the Winner with a guaranteed legendary card. (If the community likes my idea I might continue after we have the 3 Winner)
  • Only my followers can get a spin on the Legendary Wheel. 😉
  • There will be one winner in every post and the winner will be announced when this post pays out.
  • Upvotes / Reblogs (in the last 7 days) / Tips are not required, but it will help a lot to run this giveaway and giving you more points to reach your Legendary Card quicker.
  • I will make a notification list to remind everyone for the next post and if you dont want to be on it just let me know. 😌


Point system

Type of rewardReward Point
Winning a Common Card1
Winning a Rare Card2
Winning a Epic Card3
If the Winner Upvoted this post1
If the Winner Re-Blogged this post1
If the Winner is my Follower1

In order to get a spin on the Legendary Wheel you need to collect 15 points.


List of Notification

@siberian12, @lorddiablo, @amaari, @xheadhunterz, @noctury, @flummi97, @beelmukjj, @relf87, @engilhramn, @haizelanne, @vaynard86, @eman13088, @flummi97, @olaf.gui, @deimargd, @csabesz07, @rose0414, @daethical, @mauriciolimax, @henruc, @dev4, @redeculous, @legend19, @amaillo-m, @redco, @bubblechew, @chakimanu, @theacks, @blitzzzz, @tempt, @mephisto84, @sheikh27, @tinyputerboy, @kevinnag58, @ggbits, @dragon-ti, @jhuleader, @card0card, @s0nikkukun, @zldj, @shawnmichael-gt, @bluedevil0722, @mhowii, @comarj, @jonimarqu, @sieghard1990, @Xrypto202084, @kalih, @dub-c, @yokiworld, @queen-silvia, @powermeat, @decasamerlo, @splinterprince, @obsidianstar, @alex2alex, @subidu, @uglykillerpigz, @dusi, @vagabond42069, @mordikkio, @ilikeipa, @bronko, @pero82, @ramadhanight, @holdeck, @philipp87, @dk1trade, @outwars, @acidosis, @voromwe, @danideuder, @senyong, @homeboy0130, @voromwe, @theduce, @ladymisa, @gagegida, @rtonline, @sh4w, @ccrentals, @syel25,

Winner Announcement

Congratulations to the Winner of my Journey to your Legendary - Day.27 post, whom is @kevinnag58 and the card you won is the Venari Bonesmith.🍀 You should have your card already. 😇





Current Ranking

Whoever acquires a total of 15 points on this ranking leaderboard will receive a spin on the Legendary Wheel.

Good Luck to Everyone and thank you so much for all the support! 👍



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