BATTLE MAGE SECRETS RULESET: Up Close and Personal alignment with the black cards of death

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It is very interesting every week to be able to analyze each battle rule and thus think about how to take advantage and how to defend yourself to achieve victory.

One of the most interesting battle rules is

RULESET: Up to Eleven


All units have the Amplify ability.

Use Thorns, Return Fire, and Magic Reflect to ensure your opponent suffers.

My Battle


In this case, in addition to all monsters having the AMPLIFY ability, we also have the rule:

TARGET PRACTICE: all creatures that have magic or ranged attacks have the **SNIPE **ability, so they can attack monsters with magic and ranged attacks that are in second position or higher.

We can use cards of all colors and also a maximum of 21 mana, which will limit the monsters we can use.

My Team


This summoner allows me to increase the magical attack and in addition to its level 3 it will activate the abilities of the legendary cards.


This card will allow me to defend my tank so I will receive damage before they reach my tank.


This will also serve as support for me, since it protects from an attack from my opponent so my tank could take one or more rounds of damage before it manages to damage my tank DJINN OSHANNUS.


This monster is the fundamental of my strategy, since with its VOID ability it will reduce the magical attack, in addition to its high speed it will allow it to dodge several melee attacks and ranged attacks.

In addition to the PHASE ability it will allow you to dodge magical attacks.

His 11 health gives them a lot of resistance along with their abilities, and their 3 magic attack will allow them to eliminate my opponent faster.


This card will protect my tank from attacks with creatures with SNEAK and when it is on the first line, my opponent's SNIPE ability of his monsters will attack my VENARI MARKSRAT, thus increasing all the statistics of my tank DJINN OSHANNUS .


This monster is the one that will take advantage of the battle rule where the AMPLIFY skill will increase the damage of the BLAST skill.

This ability will serve even more since with the SNIPE ability it will attack the card in second position allowing it to attack 3 cards at the same time.



In this round I manage to attack his QUORA TOWERSHEAD with all my monsters, leaving him at 7 life.

Only my TORRENT FIEND attacks his FUNGUS FLINGER and leaves him at one life because my RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN with his BLAST ability did 2 damage to that monster and his FAILED SUMMONER but this one, due to his magical reflection ability, did 2 damage to him. damage to my RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN.

My opponent only attacks my DJINN OSHANNUS with his QUORA TOWERSHEAD but his VOID ability only does 1 damage to him.

RONDA 2 and 3

In this round I attack her QUORA TOWERSHEAD with all my monsters, leaving her at 3 life.

My RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN manages to eliminate his FUNGUS FLINGER and his FAILED SUMMONER with his BLAST ability but the latter, with his MAGIC REFLECTION ability, manages to eliminate him .

My opponent only attacks my DJINN OSHANNUS with his QUORA TOWERSHEAD and only deals 1 damage and leaves him at 9 health.

Already in round 3 my DJINN OSHANNUS manages to eliminate his QUORA TOWERSHEAD.


The key to this fight was my DJINN OSHANNUS that protected him from the attack of his QUORA TOWERSHEAD, and the SNIPE ability that all my monsters had was the reason for his defeat, since all my monsters They attacked ignoring the card that was in first place, their FUNGUS FLINGER, so they failed to benefit from MARTYR's ability.

In addition to my RIVERBOAT CAPTAIN, eliminating the other cards with his BLAST ability allowed all my monsters to concentrate their attack on his QUORA TOWERSHEAD and thus I managed to eliminate it.

I hope you like my contribution


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