This Splinterlands Season is ending Today

The current season in splinterlands game is ending today and in fact, there are a few hours left for the season. This is the first season after the change in reward mechanism where we will not be getting seasoned chest anymore and instead of that, we will be getting glint tokens. This is a completely new reward system in the game and I'm not sure how it will be I'm looking forward to seeing the overall outcome of this change. The earlier reward system was good, but I can't say that this one is not good unless I do the comparison and for that reason, I try to compare between the current system and the last one.


Current Season Progress

In March, we saw another change implemented where multiple leaderboards were removed, and the card penalty was also taken off. Now after this change, I can play in the Champion League and although other links are just indicative in the game, but champion is still there and I'm able to play in this league after a long time. Undoubtedly champion is something that everyone wants to play and if there is a good SPS stake then I'm sure the rewards are also going to be pretty good because this is the highest league and I have played a lot of battles in this league earlier but it's been a long time.


Above is the snapshot for my current season progress where you can see that my current league is champion 3 and I have a boost of over 9%. It's because I am playing in the Champion League hence my current SPS holding is not enough to avail the highest multiplier and my plan for SPS accumulation is still the same as that is in place. I still accumulate spears in small parts and whatever SPS I earn are anyways deposited in the game account.

Reward Shop

This is the reward shop option which was recently added to the game as part of the change and there are multiple items we can see. The splinerlands team has already announced that they will continue to add more items in future and as of now whatever is available is just the start. I tried buying some items using some glint for the experience and it was good however I did not get anything that I can call extraordinary. I will try to accumulate more glint tokens but not sure how many seasons I will try to do this basically, I am planning to do this because I can wait for more item additions in the reward shop.


As the team have already shared the update that they will continue to add from time to time so I'm looking forward to getting more varieties available in the shop and even if it is expensive then also, I can buy since I will have enough glint token balance hopefully. The different items are available for different pricing in Glint tokens, and I just hope that more item additions happen soon.

Wild format

I play in the wild format of the game, and it's been a long because my cards are not from the latest edition. Most of the cards I own are from older editions and I can use them only in the wild format of the game but now this has been shared before that the reward tool for modern view is higher than wild. Making a switch but it is surely a thought that I might consider doing sometime later.


I am planning to have a comparison between wild and modern before I think of making a switch and I am going to do it only when there is a substantial difference in the reward. It's not easy for me because I will have to buy many cards which will require a good amount of investment hence it is fine to play in the wild even if the rewards are slightly on the lower side because I do not think there would be a huge difference but again, I cannot say unless I have done the comparison.


This season is not going to be the same as we had in the past because of the change in reward. I'm not sure what should be the exciting component of this season because we don't know how it will be and ultimately, we know that we are not going to get a sequenced chest where we can expect some legendary cards etc. Let's see how it goes I am anticipating that it is going to be fun so just a few hours left in the season hence keep on playing to increase the reward.

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Thank you

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winners are grinners

yup.. are you a player ?

yup.. are you a player ?

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oh i was so busy today completely forgot season ending lol but its not same feeling as before nothign to open

I am also yet to check but will be doing it in few hours once I am done with work. BTW Did you check the shop option ?

what about the shop option? did they change something?

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great rewards, i only win 5400 for be in diamond 1 in wild mode i hope win more the next time :D