Alphawog's Unloved Cards #4 (With Give-Away)

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Welcome to the 4th edition of Alphawog’s Unloved Cards! I’ll be highlighting cards that are relatively cheap and don’t seem to be played often. And since the cards are affordable, I can run a giveaway for a copy.

This week's monster is a Reward card that is no longer in the pool. Maybe it's just the curse of not being a starter card, but I've hardly ever seen him played. I'm currently getting my butt kicked in Gold III where most of my opponents have leveled up and out of print cards. He never seems to make the lineup there either.


Charlok Minotaur used to be my go to tank to deal with the Obsidian Magic spam lists in Bronze and Silver. Why? Because he has a ton of hit points and doesn't miss that pesky unicorn when it's his turn, unlike Living Lava. He was only replaced after I bought a Tusk the Wide. And If I could field a level 6 version, he'd see a lot of play in my current games. Maybe I'll rent him at level 6 and a Summoner that can summon him at level 6.


He starts out with strong tank stats, with the exception of Speed. However, Bulleye partially makes up for his speed and makes him great against Serpent of Eld and Unicorn Mustang. He gains an attack at level 3 which makes him a killing machine with Tarsa's buff. I especially like using him in high mana Melee Mayhem matches, or any modifiers that lets him hit from the backline.

But my master plan is to make use of his Retaliate at level 6 and above. I want to put him in first position (or last in Super Sneak) with double Demoralize from Disintegrator and Molten Ogre and then watch him get dinged for 1-2 damage and Retaliate 5 back.

Give-Away Rules

Comment below with your opinion of the Charlok Minotaur AND your Splinterlands account name.

I’ll pick a random winner and post the result on my next edition of Alphawog's Unloved Cards.

NOTE: Last week's Give-Away had a number of comments that did not meet the shared opinion requirement. If you commented last week and don't see your name on the wheel, please make sure to include an opinion about the card this week.

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Congratulations @davideownzall


Thanks for reading.

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Hi, the Charlok Minotaur looks like a good card to possible used as a tank in high mana games. It would be good to have a shield with it for extra protection. My ING is @sparkyontherum thanks for doing the give away.

Charlok Minotaur looks like an interesting card - lots of life and damage, although I’m not sure how well he’d hold up against damage-heavy builds. He’s probably best with the speed debuff? I’d love to try him out.

I just realized, that he might be great even against Serpent of Eld... That pesky little evasive beast...

Hello all!

Charlok Minotaur is definitely good in high mana battles with certain ruleset like equal opportunity, reverse speed and sneak rules.


I find it surprising how cheap the Minotaur is. Maybe it's due to high supply, or people aren't realizing that it's quite useful. With certain rule sets like opportunity, I always use that card. I also like it when I see the opponent is always using high speed or flying cards for dodging.

IGN: @litrydow

I use him with opportunity or attack from everywhere rules Sets. Maybe I’d use him more if I leveled him up. Your comment about never missing the unicorn is certainly intriguing. Thanks for the giveaway. @squishna

Great stats but still on the downside a less ideal tank. Less used. @myeong

I think Charlok Minotaur is a pretty good card especially in very high mana match and when the ruleset is Melee Mayhem. @monster.farmer

I only used 1 time and i don't like it at all e_e, after that i always feel like had something better than use that card so never used it again

I actually love the Charlok Minotaur in the low speed battles. I don't actually have the Living Lava because I like the Charlok Minotaur so much. I absolutely love that he doesn't miss. I didn't even realise that he also has retaliate. What a beast!!

My account name is the same as my Hive name : AussieNinja

I personally have had a lot of trouble with opponents dodging my attacks (constantly in the water splinter) 😅 I was eyeing Charlok Minotaur as a tank to add to my linup since he's got such a solid attack and can't miss. Would really help against large flying opponents. He has good hit points as well, just wish he had some armor.
Thanks for hosting!

There's a Dragon summoner that makes that wish come true.

Ooo that sounds like just what I need :D

Charlok minotaur, a card that is good depending on the situation. It isn’t a good tank but it packs a lot of damage and guaranteed to hit. Good for those setting where melee can attack from whereever and also for all melee lineup as a backline to retaliate the sneak attackers. Also good for reverse ruleset but there’s lava golem as a better choice of tank.


I honestly never seen It versus me either, maybe once in houndreds games, and as for myself i never userd it aswell, living lava or some 1's mana front and sneak backline are way to go, if It only had armour would be top tank...also vs obsidian i rather go death and snipe down enemies


Card arrived thank you!

That guy is definitely good in high mana battles with certain ruleset like equal opportunity, reverse speed and sneak rules. Especially at level 6 that retaliate is really good at the backline. I don't count him as a good tank because he lacks armor and abilities like void and shield. @irregular-n

My ign is @luckbound. same as my Hive name.

The Charlok Minotaur is a card that I have been looking at for a little while but never got around to renting or buying. Once it gets retaliate, I think it would make an excellent front-line tank capable of dishing out large amounts of damage while taking several hits. paired with a healer, I think it could make an excellent front line.

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