LEGIONAIRE ALVAR, Can' be Abused Tank!

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Hello Guys!

Yeeey I'm back again with my Splinterlands post. It's been a few days since I posted my last Splinterlands post, The Unstoppable GRUM FLAMEBLADE that followed the Splinterlands Social media Challenge, and now I'm writing this to follow the Splinterlands Share Your Battle Weekly Challenge. This week's theme is Neutral Legendary monster from haos Legion Edition, Legionaire Alvar.

Well, actually not difficult to do a battle with this monster, because this monster is also one of my favorite Tanks. This is because this monster has Void Armor, and the Armor it has is also quite large, so anyone can't abused this monster including Magic monsters. Because the stats possessed by this monster even The combination of this monser and Resurrect monster is a favorite for everyone. I also in the Equalizer rulesets on battle middle mana and high mana always use this monster as the main Tank.

The battle that I will share is what I do when doing rank battles in the Diamond league, so maybe the strategy I apply is only effective for the Gold-Diamond league, and will not be effective for battles in other leagues because the difference in the ability that is open from each monster is also different. Well, I'm neither a proplayer nor a tournament hero. I just enjoys sharing strategy and battles that I find interesting in my own view.




Legionaire Alvar is a Legendary Neutral monster from the Chaos Legion edition who since level 1 already has Void Armor. This Void Armor is what makes Alvar's Legionaire a very powerful tank to withstand magic attacks. Legionaire Alvar has 9 mana that can be used for middle and high mana battles. At level 2, there will be additional active Giant Killer abilities, and damage is also 1. In catfish 3, the Demoralize ability will be active and the addition of 1 Armor, and at the max level the Deathblow ability will be active and there is an increase of 1 HP from the previous level.

If you look at the stats that Legionaire Alvar has above, I think Legionaire Alvar is indeed strong as a magic tank, but the HP is small and also the damage is small because at the max level it only has 3 melee attacks. Compared to other monsters that have 9 mana obviously the damage possessed is very unattractive. If we use this monster as a tank, obviously we must have another monster as the main attacker.

The HP owned by this monster is also relatively small. Even though it has a large armor, if this monster is hit by poison, eating only takes 3 rounds, this monster will die because it runs out of HP. I think if you use this monster as a tank, then you should also have support for this monster, such as giving a second tank, or also combining it with a monster that has the ability Repair, or Thank Heal, or Resurrect.

Well, Even though Legionaire Alvar only has a small HP and Damage, I still like to use this monster in my battle strategy, like the battle I will share below.



photo_2023-01-23_00-46-46 (2).jpg

he rulesets in this battle are Heavy Hitters (All Monsters have the Knock Out ability) and Noxious Fumes (All Monsters star the battle Poisoned)) with mana capacity 56 and elements active Water, Earth, Life and Dragon.

Dragon and Life will be a combination of elements in this battle, with Legionaire Alvar as the main tank, Cranage Titan in second place, Uriel The Purifier in third, Oshuur Constantia in fourth, Adelade Brightwing in fifth, and Djinn Renova in last position. The strategy of each monster I will explain in the table below

Quix The DeviousSummoner-1 Range, -1 SpeedI chose Quix The Devious because this monster will provide debuff speed and reduce the damage range of attack, and the important thing is that it can summon monsters from the Dragon element
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-45.jpgLegionaire AlvarFirst TankVoid Armor, Giant Killer, DeathblowLegionaire Alvar as the main tank in the first position, will withstand all melee, range, and magic attacks. Although each round will start with poisoning, there will be monster support behind it that will make this monster survive.
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-44.jpgCarnage TitanSecond (Attacker)Reach, Double Strike, ShieldCargane Titan Legionaire Alvar as the main tank in the first position, will withstand all melee, range, and magic attacks. Although each round will start with poisoning, there will be monster support behind it that will make this monster survive.
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-42.jpgUriel The PurifierThirdFlying, Recharge, HealThe heal ability possessed will make the poison that comes less meaningful because it will restore HP in each Round. Posion takes 2 HP, and once Heal then 4 HP will be restored. I deliberately placed it in the middle so as not to get an attack in the first few rounds.
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-41.jpgOshuur ConstantiaFourth (Support)Resurrect, Reflection Shield, Thank HealThis monster is one of the most important supports because of its abilities. Resurrect will resurrect first monster die, perhaps this is Legionaire Alvar. Thank Heal will restore HP from the monster in the first position, namely Legionaire Alvar, and this will probably make Legionaire Alvar live longer.
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-39.jpgAdelade BrightwingFifth (Support)Flying, Repair, Resurrect, ImmunityBesides Oshuur Constantia, Adelade Brightwing also has the strongest support in this battle because of his abilities, and this is also the only monster that has the ability Immnity which means that this monster is immune to poison. Repair ability will restore Armor from the monster friend whose armor receives the most attacks, and this could also be Legionaire Alvar who is in the first position who is also have Void Armor ability. The resurrect will resurrect the second dead monster.
photo_2023-01-23_00-46-37.jpgDjinn RenovaLast (Support, Attacker)Strengthened, TriageApart from being a support because of its baility, this monster is also an Atacker who has 4 magic attacks. This monster also has a small HP, so if you don't get an attack from the Sneak monster, then this monster can last at least 4 rounds

Line-up from both teams you can see in the picture below. The opponent uses a deck from the Water element with Summoner Kelya Frendul with an army of 2 Melee monsters, 2 magic monsters, and 2 Ranged monsters.


In the first position, there is a Diemonshark max level that has Trample, Enrage, and Retaliate abilities. In second place is Flying Squid which has Reach, Blind, and Backfire abilities. In third place is Djinn Oshanus who is an attacker with 3 damage magic, Void, Phase, and Forcefield abilities. The forge position is filled by Legendary Riftwatchers monsters, Runemancer Kye who has 3 magic attacks and has Flying, Life Leech, and Fury abilities. The fifth position is the support monster Supply Runnermax level which has Swiftness and Strengthen abilities and in the last position there is Merdhampir who has Life Leech, Ripple, and Snare abilities.




(Click the image above to direct to the battle link)

As usual, the battle starts from the show off buffs and debuffs of all Summoners and monsters. This is quite interesting because there are so many buffs and debuffs that can be obtained from each team. Even though Quix The Devious gives a debuffs of -1 speed, the speed of the opposing team is still higher than my monsters. I have to accept the attack of the opponent's entire monster first, only then can it retaliate. The difference in Speed makes some of my monster's attacks hit the target.


The first round went with Legionaire Alvar who attacked a barrage of all the opposing monsters. All the opponent's attacks were on Legionaire Alvar. Annoying things happen several times because of attacks from my monsters that miss hit Diemonshark because after Enrage ability altif the speed of this monster increased to 8.


After getting poisoned at the beginning of the second round, Legionaire Alvar died from an attack from Djinn Oshanus. The first resurrect has taken place. Now Legionaire Alvar becomes a Zombie immune to poison. Legionaire Alvar again got a barrage of troops, and only 1 HP was left until it was finally my monster's turn to attack. Diemonshark died from a Djinn Renova attack. Carnage Titan 2x's attack failed to hit Flying Squid and eventually received melee damage back because of Flying Squid's Backfire ability. In the end, Legionaire Alvar got HP and Repair Armor restores from Oshuur Constantia and Adelade Brightwing.


Legionaire Alvar dies for the second time due to a Flying Suid attack, and returns Resurrect with 1HP and 9 Void Armor. Flying Squid died due to a Djinn Renova attack, and now Djinn Oshanus, who is quite difficult to hit, both with Melee, Range and Magic, is a tank in the first position. Oshuur Constantia's attack missed the mark on Djinn Oshanus, and this was natural because of the difference in speed of the two.


After getting the poison, the opposing team only 3 monsters with small HP. Although the three had attacked Alvar's Legionaire, only Armor was damaged. It was our turn to attack, and Djinn Renova's attack missed hitting Djinn Oshanus. Djinn Oshanus eventually died due to the first attack of the Cranage Titan, and the second attack of the Cranage Titan missed hitting Runemancer Kye.


This battle ends in the fifth round where all the remaining enemy monsters die from being exposed to poison. I was with a team formation that was still complete without a single monster dying. You can see the final result of this battle in the picture below.




The battle strategy that I implemented worked very effectively. This is due to the combination of Legionaire Alvar with monster support that goes according to plan. Although the existing Rulesets are not profitable if you use Legionaire Alvar as a Tank, the 2x Resurrect of monster support makes Legionaire Alvar show an interesting show.

I think there are several strategies to be able to maximize the use of this monster in battle, including:

  • The combination of Legionaire Alvar and Resurrect monsters is the best, because once awakened Legionaire Alvar will have 9 Void Armor.
  • Equalizer Rulesets is the most profitable ruleset because Legionaire Alvar will have the same HP as the HP of the highest monster, and also has a very large Armor.
  • Noxious Fumes and Back to Basic are the least profitable rulesets for Legionaire Alvar because of their small HP.
  • In Noxious Rulesets, it is not always a weakness of Legionaire Alvar, it could be an inverse state if you combine this monster with a monster Resurrect, and resurrect will only happen to Legionaire Alvar, because the monsters in Resurrect are immune to poison.


Ok guys, I think my post is enough here, thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to upvote and leave a comment. If you want to start playing Splinterlands and don't have an account yet, don't hesitate to use my referral:

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